12+ DIY Projects To Make After Your Next Trip To Target

Is there anything more dangerous for your wallet than taking a trip to Target?

I mean sure, you can plan to go for one thing. But we all know what happens when you get inside that wonderland.

For these shoppers, their Target trips inspired some pretty damn cool DIYs. Let's check them out!

Every part of this came from the Dollar Spot section!

YouTube | Bargain Bethany

Bargain Bethany on YouTube purchased each element of this fall-themed sign separately, including the faux shutter!

She customized the pumpkin patch sign herself, then adhered it to the shutter. She also picked up that wreath in the Dollar Spot, too!

Make fun pillow covers out of tea towels.

Simple Made Pretty

These super fun pillow covers were picked up at Target for $1 each! Melanie at Simple Made Pretty decided she'd like them as pillow covers, so she pulled out her sewing machine and got to work.

One handy hack she added: closing the bottoms off with ribbons to allow for easy removal!

This candle stand has a surprising origin.

YouTube | LoneFox

This geometric candle stand started out as a roll of clothespins. Drew at LoneFox Home purchased the bundle for $5 at Target!

He removed all of the metal pins and separated each clothespin. He then glued the pins back to the base they came on and painted them black!

Sometimes, it's just that simple.

Rain on a Tin Roof

This gorgeous glass and gold dish is just an illusion. Oop!

Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof bought 3 plastic dishes from the Dollar Spot. She used a gold sharpie marker to add the edges, and that was it. How great does that dish look? And way more expensive than $1!

This hanging crate is cute as hell!

What this was: a green gardening crate.

What it is now: a stylish hanging shelf!

Katie Bookser transformed this crate into a cute, rustic shelf with paint and some spare rope. A few of these strung together would be so cute in a bathroom!

Make a faux succulent hanging planter!

All Things Target

This DIY is pretty easy, thanks to Target selling every supply you need right in the Dollar Spot!

Christy at All Things Target spotted this ready-to-make DIY and decided put together her step-by-step process assembling it. I totally want one.

Make a table out of a tray.

Annabode + Co

Can you believe that table top is a simple tray?

Anna from Annabode + Co saw a gorgeous table much like it for $400. She figured she could make her own version, and she absolutely nailed it!

Turn a blanket into pillows!

Happiness is Homemade

Heidi at Happiness is Homemade had a dilemma: She wanted Buffalo-check pillows, but they were way out of her price range.

The solution? A Dollar Spot blanket and her sewing skills!

Make use of unexpected items.

Honestly, we as a society have not yet fully realized the versatility of ice trays. Case in point:This crafty mom who used a Dollar Spot tray to make heart-shaped crayons. How cute is that?

Turn lights into party garland.

Oh Joy

These tiny lanterns were great for the outdoors, but lacked some color. So Rebecca and Patrick from Thuss+Farrell decided to turn them into a colorful garland moment for a party! They added crepe paper and rope to transform them from fun to even more fun.

Oh this pillow? It used to be a placemat.

YouTube | Nastazsa

Nastazsa on YouTube picked up this placemat from Target and set to work. Using a hot glue gun, some spare fabric, and some filling, she created a cute throw pillow that no one else has!

This used to be dorm decor.

HMH Design

When it was initially purchased, this table had a hot pink base.

Yup. Hot pink. Now, I don't know about you, but I did not want a hot pink table, even in college. What I did want? A copper one, which HMH Design made happen.

Personalize a big purchase.

Postbox Designs

If you love the lines of a Target Threshold dresser, but would like to personalize it a bit? Well, Postbox Designs has the solution for you.

Using tape, paint, and a bit of math, you can turn your next furniture purchase into the dresser of your dreams.

You won't believe this one.

Francoise Et Moi

This gold wall sconce would never have existed without the vision of Erin at Francois et Moi.

She bought a black lamp at Target and a silver mirror at Ikea. Then, using DIY magic, she combined them into this amazing bedroom sconce!

These planters are EVERYTHING.

Paper & Stitch

And guess what? They were only $5 each. Man, Target really is magical.

Brittni at Paper & Stitch found these hanging planters in the Dollar Spot. She added new rope and fresh coats of paint to each one, then hung them up!

This wall hanging is DIY af.

YouTube | KraftsbyKatelyn

This piece is made up of a few different decor items from Target. The "HOME" letters are actually part of a larger garland, and the burlap bow came from another item entirely!

Combined, they create a cozy sign for any farmhouse-inspired home.

This lamp is made out of a PVC pipe.

Taryn Whiteaker

Yes, really! Taryn Whiteaker decided to take a simple lamp from Target and give it an incredibly creative upgrade.

Using PVC from the hardware store and a bit of spray paint, this wall-mounted lamp sure is illuminating.

You're welcome.

A lumbar pillow that started life as a table runner? Yes please.

Francois et Moi

I truly can't handle how great that pillow looks. It's so hard to believe it was once a table runner!

Erin at Francois et Moi got super creative with her sewing skills. You have to see her process!

Take your pumpkins to the DIY salon.

These started out as tiny pumpkins from the Target Dollar Stop and became so much more.

If possible, these tiny pumpkins became even cuter when they were painted in a rainbow colors, and that's a difficult task — tiny pumpkins are already up there on the cute scale.

Never underestimate the power of contact paper.

House of Hire

Ah, contact paper. My personal favorite craft weapon.

Lauren Elizabeth at House of Hire loved her newly purchased Target bar cart, but thought it needed a little something. Enter contact paper (also from Target). Now, her bar cart has a chic flair!

Turn a chalkboard into a whiteboard.

The Merry Thought

Chalk is messy, patchy, and pretty inefficient. But a dry erase board? Now that's the ticket.

At The Merry Thought, they took the design of a simple chalk calendar and added acrylic. The result? A super cute dry erase board without the messiness of chalk!

Make a table out of unexpected items.

Twin Dragonfly Designs

Heather at Twin Dragonfly Designs absolutely loved a table she spotted at Target, but she didn't love the price — $99!

So, she turned to a $12 laundry basket from Target and a circle spool end from Home Depot, and there you have it! A whole new table.

Add a cute calendar to your kitchen.

All Things Target

Christy at All Things Target loved the selection of calendars in Target's Dollar Spot. She got to work figuring out how to upgrade one to fit her home's aesthetic using a tray and, and she totally nailed it with that mint clip!