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10+ Moments From The Oscars That Weren't Aired On TV

Obviously, it would be impossible to catch every single moment of the Oscars to air on TV.

But lucky for you, we've compiled all the hidden gems that you missed!

The day after the Oscars is almost as exciting as the actual Oscars. There is just so much to analyze and so much to catch up on.

But best of all, there are so many moments that weren't aired on TV that we need to discuss!

1. Tom Hanks doing push-ups.

This is probably something you wouldn't expect to see on the red carpet of the Oscars!

Tom Hanks doing pushups alongside a U.S. Army Sergeant.

Now I've seen everything...

2. Keanu Reeves leaving mid-show to escort his mother to the bathroom.

As you may have noticed, Keanu brought his mom, Patricia Taylor, as his date last night — it was adorable.

But what was even more adorable, is when he escorted her to the bathroom halfway through the show.

Bless his heart!

3. America Ferrera cradling her baby bump.

This mama-to-be was absolutely gorgeous and glowing on the red carpet last night next to her husband, Ryan Piers Williams.

4. Renée Zellweger and Jane Fonda sharing a moment backstage.

After winning Best Actress, Renée ran into, none other than, Jane Fonda backstage.

Jane praised her on her win — a moment I'm sure Renée will never forget!

"Bravo to you! Girl, what a performance!," she said. "You’re a knock-out!”

5. Taika Waititi putting his award under the seat in front of him.

After winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for Jojo Rabbit, Brie Larson hilariously captured a video of him placing his statue under the seat in front of him, and added it to her Instagram story.

6. Margot Robbie personally congratulating Brad Pitt on his win.

After winning his first-ever acting Oscar for his role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, during the commercial break, his co-star Margot Robbie, who played Sharon Tate in the film, made her way over to his seat to give him a congratulatory hug.

7. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Bradley Cooper taking selfies during the show.

These are three people I would never expect to see taking a selfie together, but I am so glad it happened.

8. Rooney Mara patiently waiting for Joaquin Phoenix outside of the men's bathroom.


Rooney stood and waited outside the bathroom for Joaquin. When he came out, the couple shared a quick kiss!

They later shared vegan burgers together to celebrate Joaquin's big win!

9. Rebel Wilson and James Corden having to change out of their "Cats" costumes.

After presenting the Best Visual Effects award while dressed up as their characters from Cats, they, of course, needed to change back into their regular clothes.

“Now I’ve got to get back in regular makeup!" Rebel was overheard telling James after their skit.

10. Laura Dern crying while hugging her publicist.

After winning Best Supporting Actress in Marriage Story, Laura was spotted having an emotional moment, tightly hugging her longtime publicist.

11. Brad Pitt also made a pit stop at the Governors Ball.

He was seen quietly sitting in a roped-off section, waiting to get his statue engraved.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio telling his parents how great Joaquin Phoenix's acceptance speech was.

At the Oscars after-party, Leo was overheard telling his parents:

“By the way, how great was Joaquin [Phoenix]’s speech?”

13. Also at the Governors Ball, Shia LaBeouf was spotted chasing down the servers with a couple of special requests.

He was determined to have some mac and cheese as well as chicken pot pie.

14. Maya Rudolph overheard Renée Zellweger talking to her mother on the phone, telling her that she loves her and that she is so thankful.

“Oh my God, is that your mama? Aww," Maya said. “I’m so proud of you.”