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This Space-Themed Birthday Cake Is Truly Out Of This World

If there's one thing parents love to do, it's nurture their child's interests. And when that parent also happens to have mad baking skills, the results can be quite extraordinary indeed.

Take for example this cake created by Imgur user Pedagiggle that she baked for her son, Ilyas's, fourth birthday.

From the outside, it looks like quite the space cake.

Typically, when a baker is given a theme to work with, they use it to decorate the outside of the cake. But Pedagiggle wasn't happy just creating an impressive-looking cake with a rocket ship, stars, and planets as decoration.

Cut into it, and you see just how universally impressive it is.

Imgur | Pedagiggle

She wanted the space theme to carry to the inside of the cake, so that when you slice into it, you see the whole universe. To achieve this, Pedagiggle had to pre-cook the planets and sun, and them drop them into the galaxy cake halfway through baking.

Although the inside is dark, it's actually vanilla flavored.

Imgur | Pedagiggle

Although, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if it were a chocolate cake.

She also rounded out the celebration with astronaut and 'Star Wars'-themed cookies.

Imgur | Pedagiggle

These look gorgeous enough on their own without being accompanied with that stellar cake.

Fancy trying your hand at this?

In case you're interested in attempting to replicate the cake or the cookies, you can find full instructions here. Good luck and may the force be with you.

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