Man Sets $1M On Fire So His Ex-Wife Can’t Have It

Love — and the end of love — can make people do odd things. Case in point: an eccentric Canadian man who could have, and probably should have, given his ex-wife some money in a divorce settlement. Instead, he tried a different approach.

Breaking up is hard to do.

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Just about everyone has been through the experience before. While things can be amicable, they often aren't. In these cases, the bad feelings and poor impulses can often be overwhelming.

Dateline: Ottawa.

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We take you to Ottawa, Ontario. It's Canada's capital. If Canadian stereotypes are true, it must be full of excessively polite, reasonable people. That may be true — but we're about to meet someone who doesn't fit the description.

Here's Bruce McConville.

Facebook | Bruce McConville

McConville is a businessman who's done fairly well for himself, judging by the act he just did. He also ran for Mayor of Ottawa a couple of years back, but didn't win. What's relevant to this story is he recently went through a divorce.

He had a few bucks.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

It was harder than expected to find an image of Canadian bills, so just pretend these U.S. banknotes are colorful Canadian cash. McConville made his money — about $1 million in all — by quickly flipping a few properties.

He set fire to a million bucks.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to the New York Post, McConville literally sold a few properties, converted the money into cold, hard cash, and then burned the whole stack — all to spite his ex-wife.

A judge wasn't too happy.

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After hearing about McConville's actions, Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips said, "I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible." He sentenced McConville to 30 days behind bars and ordered him to pay fines totaling $2,000 per day.

It's a bold move.

For a few moments of catharsis, McConville blew all of his money. The worst part is that he burned a million dollars even though he only owed his ex-wife $300,000.


Facebook | Bruce McConville

I don't know if there's anything more to add to this story. McConville has a million dollars less than he had before, his ex-wife has nothing, and he's heading to jail. Let us know how you would have handled things in the comments.