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Plan The Ultimate Cheesy Proposal With A $9,000 Pizza Engagement Ring From Domino's

Thinking of the ultimate way to propose to your loved one is no easy task. There are so many factors in the process that can make it super stress-inducing, and no I've never been proposed to or have proposed to anyone but it sure seems like it is. From picking the right ring, to the right ring size, to the setting, to the situation, time — everything. Like how chaotic does that sound? And then some people have to worry about whether or not their boo will say yes UGH. I'm stressed.

But you know what's a guaranteed "yes"? A diamond pizza ring.

If your beau is the ultimate pizza lover, Domino's Australia wants to ensure you receive a resounding "yes" at your proposal.

Sure, you could just order some pizza and enjoy it together on the big day, but there's something even more special.

The pizza chain is giving away a bougie pizza ring estimated at over $9,000 so you can make the ultimate cheesy proposal this Valentine's Day.

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Even people who feel impartial about pizza could never turn away from something so unique and special.

The ring is decorated with over 1 carat of diamonds and a few pepperoni rubies. Have you ever seen a slice of pizza so extra?

Domino's Australia

If you've been waiting for the perfect ring to catch your eye, all you need to do is fill out this form, as well as send a 30-second video showing how pizza plays a part in the big day.

We're not sure if this contest is only open to Australian residents, but hey, there's no harm in trying!

Not only will you show your amore how much you amore them, but they'll also be able to show the world how much pizza means to them.

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