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Quotes For The Wine Lover In Your Life

Wine, glorious wine! Who would ever have guessed that fruit could be so much fun eh? We all have a wine lover in our life, in my case I have quite a few! Wine pairs well with food, friends, and goes especially well following a long day at work, and so in honour of this versatile beverage, and those who love it, here are some wonderful quotes about wine!

Keep Going... Keep Going!

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One glass is never enough, and sometimes, a bottle is not enough, although you will feel it in the morning on your way to work! The answer, therefore, is to buy a winery, then your work is wine!

The Most Important Ingredient

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I mean, I guess you can add it to the food if you really want, but it's not an integral part of the process. Just so long as there's some left afterwards to have with the food that you've just added the wine to!