9+ Unconventional But Beautiful Succulent Garden Displays

I'm such a big plant lover. If I could I would have a huge outdoor garden. For now, I have to satisfy myself with a few plants I can have around my house, and I'm totally digging succulents.

If you're a fellow succulent fan and you're looking for some creative ways to display them, I've got a few awesome ideas for you to check out. Just look at these beauties.

1. This Front Porch Idea


Imagine having this pretty display on your front porch? Wouldn't that be just amazing to have? I bet all your guests would be impressed.

2. This Stand


If this doesn't make a cool statement I dunno what will. I'm in love with this beautiful way to showcase all your pretty succulents in one area.

3. This Outdoor Garden

Pinterest | Pam Penick

See this is what I'm talking about. I would love to have a chill place like this in my backyard. It feels like Arizona or something.

4. This Cinder Block Garden


This cinder block succulent garden display is so pretty. What an amazing way to show off all your beautiful plants. I'm totally digging this.

5. This Lizard Idea


Wowza, talk about a unique way to display your succulents. I can't say I've ever seen anything like this before. That is so wickedly cool.

6. This Wreath


Another really different way to showcase your pretty succulents is by making a wreath out of them. Just how pretty does that look? I love this.

7. This Bird Bath

My Beautiful Cactus And Succulent

This is such a fun way to gather all your succulents in one place. You can easily place this on the front porch or the backyard.

8. This Succulent Mosaic Planter


I can't get over how pretty this looks. I would love to create this type of succulent and rocks mosaic to showcase in my backyard.

9. This Beautiful Basket


I never would have thought of arranging succulents in a basket like this but now that I see it I'm totally in love with this idea.

10. This Succulent Ball

The Whoot

Oh my, how amazing is this hanging succulent ball? That is seriously the best idea. I've never would have thought of making something pretty like this.

11. This Seashell Display


Talk about awesome DIY projects. This super cool seashell succulent holder is easy to make. You can totally display it outdoors or even inside your house.

12. This Indoor Terrarium


Speaking of indoor succulents displays, this is such a cool idea to create an awesome terrarium for your succulents. I'm definitely considering doing this idea.

13. This Gorgeous Concrete Planter


Imagine displaying such a pretty planter somewhere in your house or garden? I think this is absolutely stunning. All the succulents fit so well here.

14. This Hanging Idea


Talking about a creative way to display all your gorgeous succulents. I absolutely dig this hanging garden idea. This is really pretty and totally different.

15. This Fun Display


I really love this spilling out of the pot idea to display all these awesome succulents. It's so fun and playful. Isn't it? I think so.

16. This Tree Branch Idea


How gorgeous is this display? Huh? I think this is not only clever but looks absolutely stunning if you asked me. Loving this idea.

17. This Awesome Arrangement

Rosa Zola | Pinterest

Here's another cool spilling out of the flower pot idea. This time they incorporated lots of pretty little rocks to accompany this great setup.

18. This Teapot Idea


Oh my goodness, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Haha. I absolutely adore this teapot idea here. This is just adorable. Yay!

19. This Adorable Setup


Speaking of teapots here's another amazing idea to display your cute succulents in. This is so magical and pretty to look at. Don't you think?

20. This Pretty Display


This is just like a little miniature indoor garden here. I love how they added this cute and adorable tiny bridge to it too. So sweet.

21. This Succulent Tree


Oh wow, how did they even get all the succulents to grow on the tree like that? That is not only really gorgeous but super cool.

22. This Deco Display


This is such a cool DIY project. All you need is a huge pot that you can fill with small succulents like this and, voilĂ !

I hope I've given you a few new ideas on how to display succulents in your outdoor garden or inside your house.

Now what are you waiting for? Do it!