9+ Annoying Problems That Are The Direct Result Of Wearing A Bra

Bras... where do I even begin? They are a necessary evil for most women (or not, if you want to go bra-less, I support that). But for those of us who do wear bras, there are certain, um, experiences (okay, problems) that come with these garments. How many of these look familiar to you?

This picture speaks a thousand words.

If you've ever heard someone say, "My bra betrayed me," this is why. This little monster right here. Underwires give, but underwires also taketh away.

They're traitors, the lot of them.

Strapless. Bras.

The true enemy of bra-wearers everywhere. Sure, it can go a lot of ways — if you can get the straps into the hooks. And if your boobs aren't too big to keep up. And if the plastic doesn't rub you raw — you know how it is.

Laying down.

Tumblr | mattfrombusted

There's something so sad about seeing thousands of people agreeing with this post, because it means we've all been victims of the Disappearing Bra.

Special bonus guest: the bra that stays in place while the boob flops out.

Whatever these are.

Okay, be honest. Has anyone tried one of these, and do they even work? Because I have a suspicion that anyone who doesn't have B cups that are already perky will have no luck with them.

Taking them off? Also an issue.

This is a problem for...almost anyone who's ever been cold, let's be real.

And having to do that when you're already cold and just want to get into bed? Ugh.

Losing stuff.

Have you ever tucked some money, lipstick, or even a key in your bra, only to find it when you take it off later and everything hits the floor?

Me neither. Definitely has not happened to me multiple times. Nope.

Underboob sweat.

It's a thing, and it's so uncomfortable. And if you have an underwire bra on, guess what? Not only is it all sweaty now, but it can also chafe you.

There's no winning in the game of boobs.

Yeah, this.

When I tell you I snorted when I saw this, I promise I'm not lying.

I swear boobs have minds of their own when you're sleeping. Actually, scratch that. They just have minds of their own, period.


Tumblr | bogusjake

Anyone else hold their boobs when they're going up and down stairs for this exact reason? It's just easier, let's be real.

Plus, if you run up them too fast, all that bouncing hurts!

Last-minute plans.

Unless Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson himself is texting me to hang out, I am not putting my bra back on for anyone. It's off, I'm comfy, and I have my baggiest shirt on. The day is over, y'all.

Running in a bra is the WORST.

This is a well-known feeling to anyone who has pretty big boobs. Usually, exercise involves a regular bra (for support) and a sports bra (to keep things in place).

Sports bras for big boobs are hard to find, and they're really expensive if you do.

If you can see a bra, it is on purpose.

Tumblr | kanyeghostniall

Bras should seriously be considered accessories to outfits. Like yeah, I accessorized my off-the-shoulder top with a bold bra strap in a floral print. It has relaxed summer vibes, okay?

Ah, random boob pain.

Whether or not it comes from your bra, there's nothing weirder than feeling a random pain from your boob. Especially because it sets off those alarm bells — am I dying? Is this a heart attack?

No, your boob just hurts.

Spilling things on them.

This is especially annoying when you have a v-neck on. Not only have you spilled food down your front, if it's the wrong food, you have to wash your shirt and bra.


When boobs gets in the way of fashion.

Instagram | @themimicmum

Okay, how are we supposed to keep up with cute trends when they can't even design bags that will coordinate with our boobs. I hope she isn't stuck...

Built-in bras are the worst.


Have these ever actually helped? I find they tend to just get in the way. Anyone else?