31 Halloween Costumes That Failed So Hard They Won

Halloween came and went, but man was it a good one. There were so many good costumes, hilarious shenanigans, and crazy posts about it that it's hard to pick our faves to talk about.

So, today, we thought we'd bring you something a little different. These costumes are full of win, but they're just bordering on absolute fail.

1. How 'bout a costume based on one of the funniest fails in TV history?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Who could forget this classic Kevin Malone moment? This made for a hilarious and unique couples' costume.

2. "I'm gonna be a cat!" "Sounds great, hun, what should I be?"

Twitter | @JessicaAlmas

Hmmm, how about you be a box of turds? Yeah, I don't know how they reached this idea, but it works...sorta.

3. A simple, effective, and terrifying costume for a pilot!

Instagram | Instagram

This guy was spotted casually walking around the airport like this on Halloween — no doubt scaring everybody else completely crapless!

4. Now, normally, I'm not a fan of the DMV, and I don't know anyone who really is, but this is just awesome.

Instagram | @kalesalad

They're bringing our world that much closer to Utopia/Zootopia.

5. When you're excited about Halloween, but your dad's a total savage.

Instagram | @thefunnyintrovert

I don't think he's up with current events and/or lingo — 'cause everybody knows, "Hulk smash," if ya know what I mean.

6. That is some serious face paint skill. I mean, it's utterly horrific and disturbing — but so well done.

YouTube | Chrisspy

This is what I'm talking about. In a sense, it fails, but it's actually so good!

7. I don't know what some of these costume designers are thinkin', man, but at least this kid seems stoked on it.

Instagram | @driving_in_la

But if you can't laugh at "butt blastin' beans," are you even human?

8. Another great mix of spooktacular and goofy as hell. 

Instagram | @friendofbae

I'm sure all his coworkers were just green with envy. They'll have to bone up to top this one next year.

9. This one has me tripped up 'cause, like, you know who this character is, but you really shouldn't.

Instagram | @slidebar

The very least we can say, though, is that this dude let his creativity soar to infinity and beyond!

10. Unless this pic was taken in 1960, I don't think this guy has a chance.

Facebook | NFL Memes

Poor Eagles fans. Maybe this will be their year? Then who's laughing? Jk, it'll still be us.

11. Not the most memorable performance of Leo's, but worth putting out there regardless.

Instagram | @ifunnymeme

Most attempts at a DiCaprio costume end up being a Titanic failure. Literally, just a lame attempt at a Titanic costume.

12. Well, if the shoe fits, ya know? 

Sizzle | Sizzle

Or, uh, I guess in this case, if the kids' costume fits, go for it! Wait, how big are these 5-year-olds supposed to be?

13. This is why communication is important in any relationship.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Nope, I don't think that was the Chucky she had in mind. He nailed the Rugrats version, though. Gotta give 'em that!

14. I'd say one of them seems a little more into it than the other.

Instagram | @nochill

But it's true, that sad pupper baby is definitely nailing the character. And Cruella looks like pure evil!

15. I love that her face is like, "You know I was in the movie, right?"

Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

But, like she says, you gotta put in the effort for your kids. Well done!

16. No one has ever nailed the Stranger Things Eleven costume more than this guy!

Instagram | Instagram

There's nothing like getting Netflix's explicit approval to prove you're winning this costume game.

17. Well, I'd say this is a costume that's aged like fine wine.

Instagram | @unilad

Just consider the level of dedication that goes into having a multi-year plan for your costumes...The third year better be two toilets, though.

18. Here we have Rapunzel and Prince Charmin

Instagram | @jns989

His full name is actually Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper III.

If Rapunzel and Prince Charmin aren't relationship goals, what are we even striving for?


19. No other grandparent is as hip and with it as this Insta Gram.   

Instagram | @brittasaur_0807

She probably knew about Instagram's zoom feature before any of her grandkids. And you'd best believe she knows what a hashtag is.

20. For a really bone-chilling fright, they should've put "role model" in big letters on that tank top. 

Me.me | Me.me

The seller calling themselves "DrPhil" was a nice touch.

21. Post Malone is the musical equivalent of candy corn — he either turns you off or you can't get enough of him.

Instagram | @mememang

Just had a mental image of Post Malone feeding me candy corn...#heaven.

22. This pixelated pair makes me the happiest I've ever been about censorship

Reddit | checkertrains

I wasn't aware that streaking was such a romantic activity, but something about this gives me the warm and fuzzies.

23. Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder...bread...Wonderbread!

Instagram | @erikalaurenluvs

With the recent release of Wonder Woman, this costume is a popular one, but this Wonder Woman costume is the best thing we've seen since sliced bread!

24. As long as everyone keeps their ears, we're good...

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm glad I'm not going to the same party as these two because I don't wanna feel self-conscious about my sad attempts at fake gore.

25. It is possible for your costume to be a little too realistic...

Instagram | Instagram

So bring a friend or two to ward off any panicked flailing. Your face will thank you for it.

26. As a breakfast food lover, I am shook!

Pinterest | Diane Steward

Apple Jacks? Won't miss 'em. Froot Loops? Oh well. Corn Pops? SEE YUH. But the Frosted Flakes? That's the mark of a true monster!

27. The indecent proposal of the millennial generation

Instagram | Instagram

This costume says everything about our generation. OK, not everything (that would be kind of sad) but all your friends will definitely understand it.

28. Remember what I was saying about too realistic?

Instagram | @nochill

This is way scarier than the girl above! I think his mom might be even better at being him than he is.

29. Anyone care for some French toast? 

Instagram | @shontemarie

The cliché Parisian is a costume we've seen time and time again. Add a piece of toast to it, however, and you've entered a whole new world of costume originality.

30. How many trick-or-treaters would dare accept candy from this guy?

Imgur |  SlamSlayer1

We've got to give him props for that costume though! And his commitment to stay in the sewers for a few hours.

Looks like someone was brave enough!

Imgur |  SlamSlayer1

Thank god, she's getting a treat instead of a trick...I don't want to know what a trick would be...

31. And lastly, I included this photograph, mainly because every time I look at it, it makes me giggle.

Instagram | @will_ent

That's how it goes right? Never was the biggest Nickelback fan. Thankfully.

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