People Are Upcycling Old Kitchen Hutches Into Cozy Coffee Bars

Isn't it fascinating when you can upcycle an old item and turn it into something brand new? I think that is so cool. So I was really impressed when I saw people turning their old kitchen hutches into really awesome coffee bars.

That is something I wouldn't have thought of, and I think it looks really amazing. Check it out for yourself.

Oh my goodness, look at this super cute set up here.

Facebook | MikenAngela Giordano

Honestly, I would love to have this in my home. Imagine having your coffee here? So fun.

Even an older-looking hutch can be turned into a cozy little coffee bar like this.

Facebook | Crafty Morning

All you really need is a new coat of paint and voilĂ !

This old hutch got a new lease on life with a bright red paint job and modern appliances.

Pinterest | Lara Nixon

I also really dig what they did here with the newspaper display.

If you always wanted to bring some farmhouse-style decor into your home, this awesome coffee bar hutch might be right up your alley.

Redecoration Room

Doesn't that look so fabulous?

I love how this person set up this hutch to not only be a coffee bar, but also as a way to store other items like spices.

Flickr | lmwcampbell

This is so useful!

How cool is it that this person ended up upcycling their old china hutch to turn it into a classy coffee bar?

Pinterest | Jessica Croxall

They actually installed a chandelier inside of it. Ha, ha.

Imagine if your grandma wanted you to make her old hutch look new again.

Home Bars

You can totally give it a makeover just like this. How pretty and fun does this look?

Here's another cute idea to DIY your own coffee bar.

DIY Beautify

I love how they used wicker baskets on the bottom as extra storage space. The whole set up is amazing. Thanks DIY Beautify for the idea!

If you're a coffee mug collector like me, you'll absolutely love this idea.

Facebook | Debbie Brutcher Guy

I really gotta make something like this to display all of my mugs. This is fabulous.

Somebody was clever enough to turn this mini farmer's hutch into the cutest little coffee bar.

Facebook | Rachel Lyons

I just love how they arranged all the coffee mugs. This is so cozy.

Speaking of cozy, I can't get over this awesome corner coffee bar here.

Facebook | Geri Hatt-Smith

I mean, I literally feel like I'm actually visiting a coffee bar. This is absolutely stunning.

Oh my goodness! Just look at this amazing display here.

Lynns Lifestyle

Seriously, I would absolutely love to have a corner like this in my house. I'm saving this for later. Thanks to Lynns Lifestyle for the inspiration.

Talk about a festive approach to making this visually-pleasing coffee bar.

Facebook | Sandra Dimsdale Nuss

It would fit right in with all of your Christmas decor. This is such a fun idea.

You don't necessarily need to turn your old hutch into a coffee bar.

Antique Chic

Some people upcycle them and turn them into display cabinets just like this. This is so gorgeous.

Talk about flipping out with this alternative hutch upcycle.

Home Talk

How interesting is it that this person decided to flip their hutch upside down then added feet to the bottom? This gives it a brand new look.

This old hutch got a brand new paint job so now it looks much more modern.

A Brick Home

I'm totally digging this grey color scheme. This is something I would love to try! Thanks to A Brick Home for the idea!

You don't need to use an old hutch just in the kitchen.

My Life On Kaydeross Creek

Here, in this DIY from My Life On Kaydeross Creek, it's being used as a cabinet in the living room. This is a great way to upcycle it.

How pretty is this upcycled hutch?


I really like the fact they repainted it in white and made it look so chic and clean. This is really stunning.

What a fantastic way to store all your spices and breakfast condiments.

Flickr | Lindsay Landis

This looks so neat and really useful. I absolutely love the color scheme here too. Lovely idea.

If you're looking for a good place to display all your decorative china, this might just be it.

Fireside Dreamers

I could use this idea to show off all my fancy plates. Fireside Dreamers know that sometimes all a hutch needs is some paint.

If you're not a coffee drinker, you can turn your old hutch into a wine corner just like this one.

Carla Aston Designed

I bet the ladies from Cougar Town would love it. Ha, ha!

So many cool ideas to upcycle these old-school kitchen hutches and turn them into something totally stylish and new.

Now I'm wishing I had a hutch like this.