'Toy Story 4' Drops On Disney+ Today

Toy Story 4 is finally coming to your home screens, so if you're not into DVDs and more into streaming services, then you can count your blessings!

The hit film, loved by both adults and children alike, is dropping on February 5th, 2020.

"Toy Story 4" brought us a beautiful story about toys on an adventure, learning to deal with who they are.


They were trying to figure out what their purpose in life was.

Truly such a beautiful story.

The movie has been widely demanded on Disney+.


It came out roughly eight months ago, and even though Disney owns it, it still has a long process before being brought to streaming.

But the holy day has arrived.

"Toy Story 4" is coming! Lift up your forks, spoons or combinations of the two in celebration!


"Due to existing agreements, this title will be available on February 5, 2020. Add to your Watchlist now," says the movie's page.

Of course, this is only if you have Disney+.

Will this be the final push that people need to finally subscribe to Disney+?

Time will tell.

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