7+ Sneaky Ways To Wrangle All The Wires Around Your Home

In the home improvement world, there's nothing more annoying than a visible bundle of ugly cables.

Whether you're trying to hide bulky (yet necessary) tech, or looking for a solution to your cable problems, we have some ideas for you.

Create some accessible storage.

YouTube | HGTV Handmade

For those cables that you constantly need — but don't want to keep dangling around — these magnetic spice organizers from Ikea are a quick, easy, and cheap way to keep them out of the way!

Make a chic organizer for it.

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To keep your cables contained, simply cut a strip of faux leather and add two holes on either end. Wrap it around your coiled cable and secure it with a piece of string!

Charging, but make it fashion.


For those that have a deep love of gold, this wall charger hits the spot. It has two USB ports underneath it, and a notch on the top to perfectly balance your phone.

Pick up a cable clip or two!


These little silicone clips are saviors. You can stick them to any surface, buy them in any color, and they're incredibly cheap.

These are especially great if you stick them to the side of your desk and only bring your charger up as needed!

This sleek cable box will hide unsightly power strips.


Ah, power strips. Quite possibly the ugliest, bulkiest things we need. If you can't hide yours behind a cabinet or desk, a cable box may be the solution for you.

Cable boxes are well-ventilated and sleek, allowing you to plug in as many devices as your heart desires.

Streamline your collection.


This innovative charger was designed specifically for traveling, but I truly want this for my house!

It also doubles as an extension cord. It comes in black, white, pink, and blue! And I want the pink one. Thanks.

Hide them in a basket.

Burlap and Lace

A favorite of interior designers is the basket method. Place the cords inside of your basket and in front of the outlet to cover all your bases.

However, make sure your electronics have room to breathe, and aren't all jumbled in like this picture — it may be a fire hazard!

Make zip ties your best friend.

Poofy Cheeks

There's nothing simpler — or cheaper — than putting good 'ol zip ties to use.

You can use them to bundle your cables, or to adhere them to poles, legs, and stands.

Go wireless.


Listen, some wires are unavoidable. But phone charging wires? You can do something about those.

Wireless chargers come in super chic styles these days, like this marble and gold one from iDeal. I may die if I don't get this for my desk, guys.

Mount this under your desk.


This undermount cable tray is ideal for places that you can't avoid cables, like your desk.

Try hiding the remaining length of the cables behind the desk leg for maximum clutter avoidance.

Use stick-on cable covers.

YouTube | The Eco Swap

If your home allows, these adhesive cable covers are a life saver for cables you just have to have out.

Whether it's a TV cable or a cable you need to get to a far away outlet, cable covers blend into your walls nicely — and can even look like they're part of your baseboards.

Invest in a charging station.


If you need all those wires and can't hide them away, at least keep them organized!

This charging organizer comes with multiple ports, an AirPod charger, and an Apple Watch charger. That's streamlined af, guys.

Utilize some jute.

The Vow

If your chosen cable is one you can safely wrap, then this method can be a super stylish solution to your cable problem.

Using jute, wrap the length of your cable and simply place it in your room!

Organize your whole life.


This may be nicest charging station ever made. With a wireless phone charger on one side and a catch-all for your knickknacks on the other, this would be an ideal thing for your nightstand.

Get yourself some command hooks or clips.

Happy Organized Life

This is simple, yet so useful. Run your cables along the back of your desk and desk legs to keep them completely out of sight.

And the best part? They're totally removable when you're done!

Buy an electronics hider.

Etsy | covobox

These homemade electronics hiders are an ingenious way to hide your cables and bulky electronics in plain sight.

Covobox on Etsy has the market cornered on using wood frames and thrifted books to create a stylish solution for those ugly wires.

Dress them up.


I love this idea, because it's like putting a little outfit on your cables. What? You know I'm right.

A ruffled cable cover will fit any glam or boho aesthetic!

Get yourself a tech pouch.


Tuck them away and forget about them. This tech pouch makes for easy travel, sure, but it's also an ideal place to tuck away those cables you need, but don't reach for everyday.

Make art out of it.

WooHoo Home

Say you have a cable you truly can't hide, and the itch to do a DIY. Well boy oh boy, do I have the project for you!

Don't bother hiding your cable — make art out of it!

Pick up an easy-to-use cable management sleeve.


There's so much to love about this cable sleeve. It has adjustable ties that allow you to add and remove cables easily, holes down the underside to pull different cables through, and a low-profile design that allows it to blend into your chosen surface.

When in doubt, get the essential kit.


There's no easier way to deal with cluttered cables than with this kit.

Ikea has a whole range of solutions inside it, from zip ties to keep cables together to plastic holders to keep them in place.

Get a nifty charging drawer.

Kitchen Source

When all else fails, just devote a drawer with a power bar to all your tech chargers. They'll be out of sight and out of mind.

Oh this? It's not what it seems.

Urban Outfitters

"Cool picture frame," you say, confused.

To which I say: it's not a picture frame! Well, it is. But it's also a wireless charging stand. You choose the picture, it charges your phone. Genius? I think so. Stylish? Uh, yeah. Sneaky? It's the sneakiest, duh.