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13+ Boozy Memes That Are Helping Us Get Through

When I was younger, I never really understood why my mom often finished the work day on the couch in her pajamas with her feet propped up and a super full glass of wine in her hand.

Of course, now I get it and I'm proud to say I've already started to carry on this tradition myself. I'm just trying to make mamma proud.

But if you're finding tonight's glass of the good stuff isn't doing the trick like it usually does, here are some hilarious boozy memes to help you forget about whatever nonsense you had to deal with today.


You've been given a gift.

Same thing if your phone doesn't immediately sent that risky drunk text when you hit the "send" button.

Take this as a sign, guys. It's not very often we get a second chance in life.

You do what you gotta do.

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I once stood at the bar and listened to a guy quote Talladega Nights for fifteen minutes just so he would buy my friends a round of shots.

Turns out he had no money so that was what you would call a big fat waste of time.

As a twin, I can confirm this definitely happens.

And we're not even identical.

Does *this* answer your question?

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I can always add more lights if I haven't gotten my point across yet.

This is when you know you're officially an adult.

I have a really bad habit of accepting 9 AM breakfast invitations while I'm out drinking.

Look, I know some people can cure their hangovers with a greasy plate of bacon and eggs. But if you invite me to breakfast on Sunday morning, you're going to watch me sip water for an hour before excusing myself to throw up in a Denny's washroom.

Oops, I did it again.


I've started and stopped so many "dry" months that I think I just need to accept that I wasn't mean to give up the good stuff. It's just not in the cards for me.

A personality-lift, if you will.

I'm glad I'm not the only person out there who becomes infinitely more interesting after I've had a few shots.

And then slightly less interesting after I've had a few more. Gotta find that perfect balance.

It's that easy, sis.


I mean, sometimes I feel like I should dig my heels in just a little bit harder. But who are we kidding, I know I never will.

Let's gooooo!

Sounds about right.

If not beer, it'll definitely be an alcoholic beverage of some kind. That's a guarantee.

I got my eye on you.

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If I don't think that shot glass was full, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to tell you.

I will not hesitate to go full "Karen" at the bar and I will be asking to speak to your manger.

Oh, you thought — ? LOL. No no no.

I think wine makers do this on purpose, because once you remember you most definitely still have feelings for Tyler from freshman year, you're going to want to drink even more.

I'm onto you, wine people. I see you.

Don't let it happen again.

If you walk into my house with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine, don't even bother taking off your shoes because you're going to be walking right out again.

Bringing that nonsense into my home. I don't think so.

You made the right choice.

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All I'm going to say is I've never once regretted buying street tacos after a night out at the bar.

But I have regretted other things. Let's leave it at that.

We all have that one bottle that makes the rounds.

I'm not desperate enough to drink it yet, but maybe if it shows up for a fourth time I'll crack it open and give 'er a little taste.

Until then, happy house warming Samantha!

Here we go.

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We all know exactly what this feels like.

It's that beautiful moment when you start feeling really warm, really heavy, and really into that Destiny's Child that just started playing.

Fill 'er up.

My least favorite drink is, "Wow, there's no alcohol in that? Get it out of my sight."

There's always a surprise ending.

It's great, but it's also a little scary because I'm not sure if this story is a comedy or a tragedy yet.

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