8+ Indoor Gardens That Prove You Don't Need A Backyard To Enjoy Plants

If you happen to live in an apartment or a house without a backyard you can still bring some greenery into your life. There are plenty of cool ideas out there to create an awesome indoor garden many people with a green thumb will be envious of.

Just check out these gorgeous scenes to get some inspiration today and start shopping for plants ASAP!

1. This Wall

Who needs to put paintings on their walls when you can just have your plants do the job for you. This is such a cool idea.

2. This Bed

Now, this is what I call a cozy situation. It's like they've created their own oasis here. And I gotta say, this would keep me in bed.

3. This Indoor Jungle

Jungle lovers listen up! No need to go on an exotic vacation when you can bring the jungle right into your house just like this.

4. This Hang Out

I dunno about you but sometimes it's just better to hang out with your plants than with actual people. At least they'll stay quiet. LOL!

5. This Cacti Heaven

Do all cacti go to heaven? Well, it sure feels like it here. And they're amongst their own friends. I'm digging the setup, too.

6. This Shelving Unit Situation

Oh wow, talk about putting that Ikea shelf to good use. Who knew you could get a display going like this? I like it.

7. This Work Set Up

There's definitely an advantage when it comes to working from home. You can hang out with your plants all day long. What a positive workspace.

8. This Green Living Room

Well, well, if this doesn't show you that plants are really good for you, I dunno what will. The dog is definitely enjoying it.

9. This Accent Wall

Oh my goodness, how lovely is this? I never would have thought of creating something like this. This is absolutely gorgeous and fun to look at.

10. This Awesome Display

Even if you don't have a lot of room in your house if you can find a nice spot like this, that's all you really need for your collection.

11. This Lovely Bedroom

Seriously, I really need to create a bedroom like this in my house. For a nature lover like me, this is absolutely peaceful and gorgeous.

12. This Awesome Plant Space

You can start to instill a love for plants in your kids early as long as you watch them carefully. This is nature's heaven here.

13. This Cozy Setup

You can easily create a very inviting space in your living room when you surround yourself with pretty green plants like this. How nice is this?

See? It doesn't really matter how big your house or apartment is because you can always find some room for awesome houseplants.

I'm totally loving all of these ideas.