9+ Beautiful Flowering Houseplants To Add A Pop Of Color

Are you ready to take the next step in your life? Are you ready to love, care, and obsessively photograph some new, gorgeous houseplants?

I thought so. While green houseplants are gorgeous, these flowering ones just have that extra spark.


This amazing plant looks great with or without its tiny pink or white flowers, thanks to leaves that look like butterfly wings.

To care for your Oxalis, feed and water it three times a day, and take it for walks.

Wait, sorry, that's the dog. Keep the Oxalis in medium light and keep its soil moist.

Peace Lily

If you want something with a more tropical vibe, you truly can't go wrong with a Peace Lily. It blooms throughout the year (though mostly in the summer) and can flourish even in low light.

So, this would be a great plant for those of you who kill a lot of plants.

Crown of Thorns

Take this plant's spiky stalks as advice for its care: leave it alone most of the time!

All it needs to be happy is bright sunlight and minimal watering. It can handle neglect like a champ.


The Clivia needs a pot, so steer clear of big planters!

This plant needs a bit of TLC, but it's worth it for those flowers. It needs complete darkness at night during the fall in order to sprout a flower! Also, avoid direct sunlight, moderately water it, and don't water it in winter.

Christmas Cactus

As you can probably guess, this gorgeous cactus blooms at Christmas! They flower during cooler days with short light cycles.

They prefer soil to be on the drier side, and thrive best in direct sunlight. It is a cactus, after all!

African Violet

This gorgeous plant has tons of different variations, from flowers with ruffled edges to beautiful, smooth blooms.

The African Violet blooms a few times a year. Keep it near filtered sunlight, and make sure the soil is moist!

Shrimp Plant

Be careful of the Shrimp Plant: it likes to grow. A lot. Keep it in check with regular pruning and watch your friends ask, "Why does that plant look like a shrimp?"

The Shrimp Plant likes direct sunlight and moist soil.


These glossy, heart-shaped flowers are a perfect addition to any room. If red is too bold a color for you, they also bloom in pink, lavender, and white.

They bloom for quite a while, like bright-to-indirect light, and want to be moist, but not too wet.

Begonias. Any Begonias.

With Begonias, you can really take your pick. They bloom almost continuously, have a very elegant look to them, and come in tons of varieties.

Keep yours in medium to good light, water it regularly, and keep it in humid conditions.


Not to be dramatic, but this plant might have a future in modelling.

The Gloxinia usually sprouts those gorgeous, bell-shaped flowers in late winter, which is a perfect pick-me-up during those dark days. After it's done blooming, let it go dormant by not watering it!


Don't these look like purple succulents?

Bromeliads are actually members of the pineapple family, hence all the spiral structure. They like direct sunlight and minimal watering — perfect for those who are little forgetful. (Me, it's me — I want some Bromeliads.)

Hot Cheetos

Wait, sorry, I believe it's pronounced "Chenille Plant," or "Red-Hot Cattail."

To care for your hot Cheeto plant, mist it in the summers and let it go dormant in the winters. Keep it in full to partial sunlight. Do not eat it.


Would you believe this is actually a succulent? Because I thought it was the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The Kalanchoe doesn't like wet soil. Only water it when the soil feels dry, and mist it frequently. It does like bright, indirect sunlight.

Silver Vase Plant

Hm. This is a poky friend to have, but a gorgeous one, indeed.

This relative of pineapples bears short-lived purple flowers out of its pink spikes. It's also very easy to care for: Keep it in direct sunlight, and pour water into the tunnel made by the leaves.