The Best Parts Of Christmas Are The Inevitable Surprises

Diply 15 Dec 2017

Some people begin planning their Christmas months in advance and have everything completely organized, right down to the smallest details. But unfortunately, no matter what you do, Christmas is full of surprises.

Things are inevitably going to go wrong at some point over the holidays, but that's what's so great about Christmas! Here are some fun, festive memes that prove this theory.

Sometimes, your wish list starts out innocently enough, but your bitterness from the past year starts slowly taking over. 

Imgur | Imgur

Santa can totally deliver on these wishes, right?

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Every pet owner knows that Christmas brings out the dark side of our furry friends. 

Twitter | @sammoontrading

No matter how beautifully you wrap those presents, your dog WILL destroy them the second you leave the house.

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And no matter how perfectly you decorate that tree...

Broadsheet | Broadsheet

...a curious dog or cat will take matters into their own paws. And then look at you like they did nothing wrong.

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It's always a great feeling leaving the house, shopping list in hand, and being all ready to tackle your Christmas gift-giving. 

Instagram | @memes

But then, you see a pair of pants that really speak to you.

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The best part of Christmas day is when your animals try to steal all of the food you've spent hours preparing. 

Instagram | @stickbiscuits

As long as it's not the turkey. If that goes missing, Christmas is officially ruined.

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You can be sure that the Christmas season is upon us when you start seeing hairstyles like this one. 

Twitter | @JamesUWW

Don't be alarmed — some people just get really into the festivities.

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One of the most joyful parts of the holiday season is seeing people's Facebook statuses about the gifts they received. 

Best Do Diys Crafts And Hacks | Best Do Diys Crafts And Hacks

If you know people like this, feel free to correct their spelling in the comments.

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If you lose your calendar, you'll know it's Christmastime when you've heard the same four Christmas songs about 10,000 times.

Brain Berries | Brain Berries

'Tis the season to suddenly hate songs you actually used to enjoy!

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If you're the person on the left, I'm not sure we'll ever be friends.

Twitter | @ScarlettMoffatt

Contrary to popular belief, October IS too early to start seeing Christmas decorations.

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Grandma was just trying to decorate the tree in shades of lavender when her granddaughter discovered the ornaments were far more flirty than expected. 

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Ornaments? Glitter G-strings? Same thing.

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And just remember, you may think you're getting presents this year...

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

But Santa saw what you did that one night in April and you'll be getting absolutely nothing. Cheers!

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