Barbie Is Adding Dolls With Vitiligo And Hair Loss To Their Diverse Collection

It's wild to think about how far Barbie has come since the doll's inception 61 years ago. What started as an extremely slender Caucasian doll with perfect pulled back curly golden blonde hair, red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner has turned into 176 more dolls, 9 body types, 35 skin tones, and 94 different hairstyles.

Criticis surrounding the company's lack of diversity has turned into Mattel being one of the most diverse doll companies out there.

Barbie is now releasing three more dolls to add to their diverse Fashionistas line.


One of the new Barbies from the collection has visible areas of the skin condition vitiligo on her face, neck and hands, and she's already available to purchase online or in-store!

Mattel also plans on releasing a Barbie with hair loss.


In a statement made to CNN about the decision to add this doll, the company said, "If a girl is experiencing hair loss for any reason, she can see herself reflected in the line."

Hair loss doesn't just occur for adults. Whether or not a child is losing hair from cancer treatments or because they've developed alopecia, it's important for them to be seen and understood.

Barbie's prosthetic doll is also getting an update.


The company will be releasing a version of the doll in a darker complexion and with a gold metallic prosthetic.

Stay tuned for their release!

Play is important for children's development — even more, playing with more diverse dolls helps children develop positive awareness of their identity.


This, in turn, helps children view others in a positive light. We're glad Barbie is finally realizing this!

Who should Barbie's next doll be? Let us know!

h/t: CNN