Someone Built An Entire Village Of Huts For Stray Cats

Stray cats can live a quite rough life; however, it would appear that someone out there is looking out for them, as one hiker accidentally discovered a secret cat village where strays can find refuge and food!

The little village was discovered in Portugal.

Imgur | boulderino

One Imgur user who goes by the handle boulderino, posted a series of images to the site which were taken while hiking in Porto, Portugal.

However, these aren't just your bog-standard hiking images!

The hikers came across the hidden cat sanctuary by accident.

Imgur | boulderino

The person who posted the images wrote, "Someone is building little houses for stray cats. First, we saw only this."

They went on to write that the cats, though strays, were not at all afraid of the hikers, and allowed them to get up close and take photos.

The village contained dozens of little furbished huts.

Imgur | boulderino

The photographer claimed that they found around 20 cats of varying ages lounging in and around the little feline village.

Each little hut was furbished with blankets and cushions for the cats to sleep in both style and comfort!

Someone was also leaving the occupants food.

Imgur | boulderino

It looks like whoever put together this idyllic stray cat village is still making sure that the residents are well fed and cared for.

Even though some of the cats were visibly younger than others, there were no kittens, which suggests that whoever is feeding them has also taken precautions to stop them breeding.

The photographer also commented on how beautiful the cat village's view was.

Imgur | boulderino

The person who took the images explained, "They have a nicer view than I have at home."

With their little furbished houses, food brought to their door, and their picturesque view, it looks like these strays cats are truly living their best lives!

The hikers returned the next day to revisit the hidden gem.

Imgur | boulderino

The hikers also took some food down with them for the cats, writing, "yes we went back and brought them food. Many said it‘s a bad idea, but many kitties were really tiny so we couldn‘t resist."

It's not surprising they went back, after all, if I'd have stumbled across this little slice of paradise, I think I'd have just moved into one of the little huts myself — no matter how tight a squeeze!

Hopefully the cats bastion of paradise will remain their little secret.

Imgur | boulderino

As much as I want to live out the rest of my days amongst these adorably friendly cats, hopefully, the location of their tiny haven will remain a secret from the public, otherwise, they'll be constantly bothered by tourists!

Who knows who is taking the time to look after these stray cats, but whoever you are, thank you for bringing this into our lives!

h/t: iizcat