14 Unknown 'Home Improvement' Secrets

Diply 18 Aug 2016

This show was a go-to for my family. I have many fond memories watching this show with my family, laughing at Tim Taylor's stupidity, wanting to see if they would finally show Wilson's full face, and absolutely crushing over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. This show was funny, heart-warming, and was part of many families lives for eight wonderful years. But the thing is that there are ALWAYS secrets behind the scenes and within the cast that you're not privied to as a viewer. We're here to let the cat(s) out of the bag. Read all about the unknown secrets of Home Improvement.

1. Jill was originally going to be played by Frances Fisher

TV Ruckus | TV Ruckus

She shot the pilot, but the audience really didn't like her so she was replaced with Patricia Richardson, who is the Jill Taylor we all know and love, and the pilot episode was re-shot. Thanks goodness! I can't imagine another Jill!

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2. Richard Karn, who played Al, got his role because of a traffic ticket.

Google Play | Google Play

So one day Richard was driving and did a role stop, got caught, and had to go to traffic school. Stay with me here. It was at traffic school where he met the agent that told him about the role! YAY for poor driving skills!

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3. The audience you see during "Tool Time" scenes is the real audience.

RGVFanatic | RGVFanatic

An audience within an audience....audience inception.

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4. You don't actually get to see Wilson's full face until the curtain call of the very last episode.

YouTube | Aaron Ford

Remember the episode where they go over to Wilson's house for dinner and they STILL managed to hide his face? SO good.

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5. "Tool Time", Tim's handyman show, was originally supposed to be called "Hammer Time."

Giphy | Giphy

I'm sure M.C. Hammer's song is now stuck in your head, and for that very reason and confusion, they changed the name of the fake show.

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6. Al Borland's original name was supposed to be Glenn. 

YouTube | HIcrywishes

That would have really killed the joke during the Christmas episode where Tim Sings "Noooo Al" instead of "Noel."

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7. The White House tried to get Hillary Clinton on the show.

Talking Points Memo | Talking Points Memo

They thought that having the (then) First Lady on one of the most popular television shows and address an issue such as "women, children, and family issues" would be a good idea. The producers seemed willing but it never happened. Oh well.

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8. Tim Allen turned down the offer of $50 million for doing a ninth season.

APJ Home Improvement | APJ Home Improvement

He declined, leaving Home Improvement to end in season eight at 203 episodes.

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9. Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? It was supposed to be a movie spinoff of Home Improvement. 

Drunk Movie Zone | Drunk Movie Zone

The idea was that Jill and Tim divorced and Tim would dress up as a woman and pose as a nanny so that he could still see his boys. Tim absolutely HATED the idea and so it was ditched. But the idea was eventually used for Mrs. Doubtfire.

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10. Wilson's character was based on Tim Allen's neighbour when he was a kid. 

Home Improvement Wikia | Home Improvement Wikia

He was too small to see over the fence, so he never got to actually see his neighbour.

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11. You know how Tim wears a lot of Michigan college sweaters? 

T-Shirts On Screen | T-Shirts On Screen

It's because those colleges sent him the sweaters and asked him to wear them on the show. He did!

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12. Tim "the Toolman" Taylor used Binford tools. 

TV Acres | TV Acres

The fictional tool company was actually named after a writer's friend.

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13. Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas had a falling out.

Fan Pop | Fan Pop

J.T.T. walked out on the show in season eight, claiming that he wanted to focus on his studies. This pissed Tim off...

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14. Tim was upset that J.T.T. said that he was leaving to focus on school but went on to do some films.

E! Online | E! Online

The feud between the two got so bad that J.T.T. refused to be on the finale of the show. This really upset Patricia, who played Jill, and she said that it was a "pretty sore point" for everyone on the show.

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15. The good news is that they did finally figure things out.

JTT Archives | JTT Archives

J.T.T. even appeared on Tim Allen's new show, Last Man Standing.

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16. COMMENT with your favorite Home Improvement memory. 

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