9+ Hilarious But Frustrating Truths About Wearing Makeup

Honestly, I'm not the best when it comes to makeup. Somehow I skipped this skill when they were giving them out. Ha, ha.

So I can definitely relate to some of these funny messages about makeup because I desperately need all the help I can get. Are you with me here? If you can relate to this I think we can be best buds.

1. When You're Envious Of Bread

Ha, ha, ha, I gotta admit that is definitely a nice color. Next time just take that bread to the store with you.

2. When You Get It Right

Twitter | @mew90

Isn't it sad when you literally perfected your makeup application but then you get home and have to take it off? I get it.

3. When Your Face Betrays You

Twitter | @gracezylstra

Is it just me or does that happen to you too? For some reason, one of my eyebrows always looks like crap.

4. When You Get Gel Nails

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This is probably the reason why I don't get gel nails because let's be clear I need to get s**t done. Case closed.

5. When This Happens

Twitter | @jennihuntley

I'm an ugly sneezer so this would definitely be me, lol. If anyone can tell me how to stop a sneeze I'm all ears.

6. When It's All Over

Makeup tutorials are all fine and dandy until you find the products they're using are so expensive you need a loan to buy them.

7. When You Look Like A Freak

Twitter | @xxxington

This is probably why I stopped watching the Kardashians. After a while, it just got too weird. Is it just me?

8. When You've Got Your Game On

Twitter | @validtomlinson

I gotta agree with this girl. Isn't it so satisfying after you cleaned all your makeup brushes? Like I can breathe again.

9. When You Know When To Splurge

Twitter | @jennawestling

Amen, sister. After all, makeup is what you wear every day and that shirt might be out of style in five minutes. Hee, hee.

10. When The Struggle Is Real

OMG, that is indeed scary. Why we women need to go to all these lengths to look good and men just age gracefully? Ugh.

11. When You Tried Your Best

Sometimes we all need a little help and there ain't no shame about that. Just do you, girlfriend. Just do you. Ha, ha.

12. When You Get Let Down

Oh, don't feel too bad. It happens to the best of us. Just remember tomorrow you can put your makeup back on. Okay?

13. When They Have No Idea

It's funny how guys think $100 can buy you a drawer full of makeup but the reality is it buys you like three things.

Oh man, the makeup struggle is indeed real.

Not only does it take so long to get ready and look perfect, but it always costs an arm and a leg too.