16 Pinterest Fails That Prove The App Is Fake

We all know Pinterest is a total addiction. Like, I could spend hours on there...and more often than not, I do. I pin this and that and tell myself one day I'll make them all and they will be PERFECT. I mean, Those adorable baking tutorials seem easy enough...but after seeing these failed attempts, I don't think I'll be giving them a go anytime soon.

Trust me, scroll and you'll see.

1. Nothing less than horrorible, cringe-worthy nightmare fuel. 

Pintrosity | Pintrosity

These are the rubber duckies that reside in the darkest depths of the earth, not in the bathtub with a bath bomb. I don't trust these chicks for a minute.

2. Okay, but both of these are low-key terrifying. Those beady red eyes are unsettling...

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

Don't get me wrong, it looks a lot better than the failed attempt. But I still would never eat that cake, like ever.

3. To be fair, these look beyond difficult to make. Still though, those failed ones are something else.

Pinterest Fail | Pinterest Fail

Diagnosis: A broken heart far beyond repair. RIP failed stained glass cookies, you tried your absolute best.

4. Turkeys have to go through enough during fall. You don't need to add insult to injury!

Craft Fail | Craft Fail

Cruel and unfair. None of them look like that, thank you very much.

They're probably so done with us and I don't blame them.

5. Okay, but this is also an accurate depiction of me before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Funny Junk | Funny Junk

Fine, slim, looking good before, and super chunky (but still lovable) after. Here's to getting that pre-baked bod back this year.

6. Sheep is a little under the weather this morning. Should we come back at a better time?

Craft Fail | Craft Fail

Blobby, mushy, super messy and unpresentable from all angles. Am...am I this milano cookie sheep? Did I find my long-lost twin?

7. Possibly the most terrifying Minion the world has ever seen. 

My Pintrosity Life | My Pintrosity Life

Those things are creepy enough as is, but then a failed, melted attempt makes it a thousand times worse. I'm uncomfortable. I need to leave.

8. Cookie Monster must have peaked back in the late '90s, because he is looking pretty rough right now.

Just Something | Just Something

Look at him. LOOK AT HIM! What did he do to deserve being depicted like this?

9. You okay, little dude? Further proof that global warming is a real thing, people.

Pinterest | Pinterest

That penguin should not look like that, at all. Like what happened to him? Poor thing.

10. Don't call these bunnies ugly because of strict societal beauty standards. Beautiful in their own way!

Funny Online Pictures | Funny Online Pictures

JK, these are so scary. Something out of a bad children's cartoon, or a nightmare. -10/19

11. Well, at least the sour patch kids made it on the cake

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

I hope that a child did this one because it'd be downright shameful if a full-grown adult managed to mess up a craft this badly.

12. LOL! What even happened here?

Instagram | @atnejem

To be quite frank (terrible pun intended) she should have cut the franks before. Then — at least we can all hope — they'd be in much better shape.

13. Go home, rainbow cake. You're a little messed up.

Craft Fail | Craft Fail

You should probably head on home now, I think you've had enough.

On the plus side, it probably tastes the same even if it looks like, well...that.

14. Have fun trying to unsee these apple turkeys. 

Pinterest | Pinterest

Some of these are nothing but the fault of the user. Who would replace a nose and mouth with an apple stem? You're doing this to yourself, people!

But thanks for the laughs.

15. Wow, this new season of American Horror Story looks great! 

Pinterest | beaglelover12

Can't wait to watch! These could pass for melting souls in some sort of death chamber, no problem. Have fun eating them, tho...

16. That blood chocolate fountain isn't looking so hot.

Pinterest | Pinterest

The idea of blood chocolate is already kinda gross, but, if possible, the failed version looks even more gross! Barf chocolate fountain seems more accurate to me...

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