11+ Gorgeous Solutions That Make Organization Look Chic

Storage: it's functional, helpful, and... it's usually not the prettiest.

But it doesn't have to be like that! Whether you want to buy it or DIY it, the internet is full of stylish solutions for your everyday storage needs.

Get (or make) yourself a wall organizer.


There's something so satisfying about a well-arranged wall organizer.

The Ikea Skädis is a great place to start. It already comes made to accommodate its own cups, hooks, and boxes, and it's super easy to paint or hack!

Stick your fabrics out in the open.


If you've got floor space, but no storage space, this solution is for you.

Use a wide basket to store your spare towels or blankets. Rolling them will give you a cleaner, neater look. Try this basket from Ikea.

These shelves are clearly superior.

Home Edit

Get it? Clearly? You got it.

These incredible acrylic shelves are totally DIY-newbie friendly. Using a drill, spray paint, and some pre-cut acrylic shelves, you can add crazy cool style to your windows – and make a new home for your plant friends.

Get the instructions here.

Use boxes and baskets to hide clutter.

Life of Pykes

Sometimes, there's no decluttering the declutterable, you know?

For those things that you need, but don't want out, closed storage boxes and baskets are your best friends. Tuck away your essentials and just pull them out as needed!

Make your own kitchen storage.

YouTube | Alexandra Gater

Why use boring plastic shelves when you can get creative with your kitchen storage?

Using some Ikea jars and custom labels from Etsy, Alexandra Gater turned her kitchen cupboards into the things of functional Pinterest dreams.

Make a stylish home for your sunglasses.


This light wood stacked shelf is the perfect place to shelve all your cutest pairs of sunglasses — or even regular glasses, if you like to switch yours up from time to time!

Get the instructions at DIY in PDX.

Turn to artists for usable art.

A quick look at Instagram's #Resin tag will reveal a world of beautiful, usable art.

For this storage box, artist @thecrochetingraven combined resin and alcohol ink to make a stunning home for any of your knick-knacks.

Utilize hooks.


Wall hooks don't have to be boring. Display some of your favorite pieces of jewelry, towels, or even your toilet paper on gorgeous hardware pieces.

Get this storage from Anthropologie.

Turn an Ikea cabinet into the woven cane of your dreams.

If you're short on storage and don't have $6000+ to spend on cane furniture, Lone Fox home has your back.

This IKEA Billy bookshelf was tricked out with some wholesale woven cane, and the results speak for themselves. Watch the whole process here.

Store your linens in style.

Simply Organized

Goodbye, piles of poorly folded towels and stacks of washcloths. Hello, amazing organization solutions and rose gold handles — I definitely need you in my life.

Get these gorgeous storage baskets at Target.

Put your cookware on display.

The 2 Seasons

What's the point of buying aesthetically-pleasing kitchenware if you're just going to shove it in a drawer?

Put it on display! Use hooks or rails to display your favorite (and most-used) tools.

Get yourself some carts.

Of Life and Lisa

This is something I do in my own home! Carts are incredibly useful for your storage needs, especially if you need to move around a little.

This particular cart comes from Ikea, but you can find stunning carts (or bar carts) at any price range!

Turn your shelving into statement pieces.

Katie's Bliss

Why give your stuff all the attention? Make your storage shine by looking for interesting shapes, textures, or materials with your shelving.

Or, if you're feeling up to it... add some lighting to your shelves!

Save space with a copper towel or blanket ladder.

YouTube | XO MaCenna

There are two amazing advantages to a towel ladder: 1) It looks amazing. And 2) It saves you a ton of space.

This ladder was actually made with copper pipe from the hardware store! Check out XO MaCenna's step-by-step process here.

Get industrial.


Metal furniture is having a big moment. The industrial look is super trendy, and it's functional to boot!

Metal cabinets are especially great if you're a big lover of magnets and post-it notes, let's be real.

Don't be afraid to mount things high.

YouTube | Alexandra Gater

For those pieces, knick knacks, or books that you love having out — but don't move much — consider mounted shelves that sit higher than you'd normally go for.

Adding some plants will help break up a large collection of items!

Pick up a shoe cabinet.


Yup, that amazing little dresser is actually a shoe cabinet! You can get them anywhere from Ikea to Wayfair, and they aren't too expensive.

(Well, this one is. It's like $400. But I love it.)

You can't go wrong with acrylic organizers.


Why should the outside of your dressers have all the fun?

Acrylic organizers are great solutions for the inside of your drawers. They're low profile, so you can see all of your stuff right away.

And hey, if they're too pretty for you to hide in a drawer, you won't hear me complaining if you want to display them out in the open.

Get in on the trunk trend.


Whether you want to buy them new or thrift them and customize them for yourselves, trunks are an easy, stylish way to add a ton of storage to any room.

Hide your toilet paper in plain sight.

Uncommon Goods

Is it a cloud, or is it all your spare toilet paper? You decide.

Toilet paper storage doesn't have to be ugly. In fact, it can even be sculptural. Bring it out from under your sink and stick it on your wall!

Add a storage bench.


Anywhere you want to park your butt, you can add storage. How? A bench, of course.

Whether it's at the end of your bed, behind your couch, or at your front door, a bench with some hidden storage is just a no-brainer.

Solve a problem with some DIY.

Polished Habitat

If you need storage for you purses, but can't seem to find the right solution, why not DIY it?

These acrylic organizers are totally handmade — check out the awesome tutorial here.

Put a gallery wall to work.

Inspired by Charm

Gallery walls are a huge trend, so why not pump some new life into it with a picture ledge or two?

They free up your surfaces of your knick knacks, and it keeps your wall from looking too cluttered.

Opt-out of the ugly over-the-toilet storage units.

Shades of Blue Interiors

And opt-in to way nicer over-the-toilet shelves. Instead of going for the regular white ones, shake things up and use unexpected storage.

These floating shelves have the same amount of storage as the regular units, but are way cuter. Plus, it's a good excuse to buy new baskets. You're welcome.