10+ DIY Projects For People Who Literally Lose Everything

Are you a scatterbrain? Do you lose something the moment you put it down? Are you one of the most forgetful people you know?

Yeah, same. Luckily for us, the internet has solutions for us forgetful people. May we never lose our keys again.

Make a magnetic key holder.

Fix This Build That

If you lose your keys after making this DIY, I do not know what to tell you.

Fix This Build That on YouTube used a piece of wood and some magnets to make this DIY come to life. No, you don't have to make yours look like Tennessee. Get the instructions here.

Make yourself some trinket dishes.

Our very own Crafty team put their thinking caps on (handmade, of course) to create some adorable trinket dishes to keep your knick-knacks all in one place.

For this DIY, all you'll need is some air-dry clay, a gold pen, and a bowl to shape the dish!

Make a secret compartment for your keychain.

A Little Craft In Your Day

If you ever find yourself in need of some spare cash, emergency Advil, or a place to store an important receipt, this DIY has you covered.

Courtney and Tanner at A Little Craft In Your Day have a step-by-step tutorial (and YouTube video) on how to make this craft!

Make your chargers stand out.


If you easily lose your chargers, have no fear: washi tape is here to help you out.

HGTV Handmade simply decorated their phone chargers with easily removable washi tape. You can also stripe it down the cord if you need it to stand out more!

Keep track of your remotes AND beverages.


Always losing your TV remotes to the abyss that is the cracks in your couch? Short a side table for placing your drink on?

Well, Dadand has got the hack for you: a DIY-remote and cup rest in one.

Go the fabric route with your remote solutions.

Art Gallery Fabrics

If you're not much of a woodworker, maybe this fabric remote holder is more your speed.

Art Gallery Fabrics posted this tutorial for a pretty easy DIY holder. Wouldn't those pockets look amazing in a luxe velvet? Or is that just me?

Keep all your tech in one place.

YouTube | David Zhang

If you're constantly losing your chargers, headphones, or wall plugs, this DIY tech pegboard by David Zhang is definitely for you.

Using an IKEA Skadis pegboard, some zip ties, and a lot of the optional Skadis accessories, you can create a one-stop-shop for all those loose ends.

Keep your AirPods close.

The Sorry Girls

AirPods are impossibly easy to lose. The Sorry Girls decided to DIY their own leather (or faux leather) case that can attach to anything, thanks to that gorgeous gold carabineer.

Get the tutorial here.

Keep your keys in one place.

YouTube | The Polished Gent

This DIY Orbit Key by The Polished Gent is a game-changer. With some leather, screws, and a keyring, you can make a key holder that not only keeps all of your keys in one place, but also silences that pesky jangling noise.

Losing a pen? That's so last year.

For those of us who still use pens (yes, we exist, and no, we don't think we're cool), keeping track of them can be a challenge.

Try out paint pouring on a repurposed mason jar. It'll combine two fun things: making a mess, and making usable art!

Your phone deserves this.

We All Sew

Hook this up to your bag strap or even car keys and get ready to never lose your phone again.

Using any fabric of your choice, a button, a keyring, and all the sewing skills you have, create this soft pouch for your phone to hang out in while you're doing your thing. Get the tutorial here.

Never lose a charger again.


You've seen decorative chargers. Now get ready for built-in chargers.

You can't lose a whole table — I know you can't. Always know where a charger is with this easy-as-pie DIY charging table from The Sorry Girls.

Your jewelry will never disappear again.

Søstrene Grene

Thanks to this adorable air-dry clay tutorial from Søstrene Grene, you and your jewelry will never be parted — unless you want your cute new jewelry holders to rock some new sparkles.

Stop losing your sunglasses!

Ms. Taylor Elyse

Are you always losing your sunglasses? Same. So why not use some spare lumber, gold picture hanging hooks, and some gold nails to make sure you stop leaving them in your car, or on your head?

Get the instructions here.