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MTV's 'Punk'd' Is Being Rebooted

Yes! After all these years of waiting, we're finally going to get that reboot we've so desperately craved.

Punk'd was one of the funniest TV shows on the air when it came out, and gosh do we need a funny TV show now that all the other ones have been canceled.

MTV's 'Punk'd' is coming back, baby!


Everyone rejoice! Start partying in the streets, ladies and gentlemen!

The streaming service Quibi is reviving the series and it's going to have a fresh new 2020 spin on it.

As in they're going to have a new host.


Chance the Rapper is going to take the helm as host. Prank and rap fans alike are super excited.

Jeffrey Katzenberg has taken the reigns of the show, and we should all be in for a real treat.

The forumla is going to be a tad different.


But, as mentioned previously, it will fit the 2020 sensibilities a lot more.

There are going to be 20 episodes, but each will be about 10 minutes. It'll be quick and it'll be fun.

It'll be 'Punk'd'.


Which celebrities do you want to see pranked on the show? Let us know below int he comments!

Personally, it would be nice to see someone like Ari Shaffir taken down a peg.