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Michelle Obama Won Her First Grammy Award

Finally! Since she has left the oval office, we have been dying to hear more from America's favorite first lady.

Though we may not have seen her at the show, we at least got to hear about her success!

Now she and her husband can compare Grammys!

The Grammys were a somber occasion.

With the passing of Kobe Bryant, there seemed to be kind of a grey cloud over the awards ceremony.

And yet, despite the terrible events of the day, there were at least some uplifting moments.

Like Michelle Obama winning her first Grammy!

Like her husband before her, Michelle Obama joins the ranks of Grammy award-winning people.

It was for the audio version of her memoir, "Becoming" (the official Grammy title is Best Spoken Word Album).

The memoir has sold like hotcakes, selling 11 million copies.

In fact, the publisher says it's one of the top-selling memoirs ever written!

In the book, she talked about her childhood, and of course her time at the White House.

Which, nowadays, seems like a far off time.

Well, congrats Mrs. Obama, we all collectively hope there are plenty more Grammys down the road for you and your family!