9+ Hilarious Pics Of 'Influencers In The Wild'

Remember when it was just professional photographers who would have the best possible pictures we would all admire? Well, that is the thing of the past.

These days it seems that anybody with an iPhone and some crafty angles can be an Instagram Influencer. And these people go through some lengths to capture those perfect shots.

One Instagram account is celebrating #ContentCulture and shedding light on these staged photoshoots.

'Influencers In The Wild' already has 584,000 followers and it's easy to see why.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

They ask for people to submit videos taken from behind-the-scenes of hilarious Instagrammable photo shoots. Take, for, example, this woman who basically got swallowed by a wave while posing.

Obviously the best place to shake what your momma gave you is a construction site.

What in the heck is going on here? That's what the construction worker is thinking.

Kids make sure you don't do this at home.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

Okay? Don't say I didn't warn you. Some photoshoots aren't worth getting a concussion over. I don't condone this.

Check out the making of this Instagrammable picture.

It's just about the right filter. It can be taken anywhere as long as you edit the crap out of it later.

What can be better than getting your dog in on the action?

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

Huh? OMG, that poor pooch. Don't you feel bad for this little pup? Let him just be a dog.

When you just gotta be so cool.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

See, this is what takes for people to feel cool in today's society. But, it's all an illusion, and we believe it.

Know your limits, people. Just know your limits.

Instead of picking a clearly impossible to accomplish pose on a beach just do a downward dog instead. Really. Come on.

Just make sure you don't dent the car while you get that perfect shot.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

I don't think my fiancé would let me do this to his car. No sir!

Sometimes the best strategy for a photoshoot is to bring your dad along for the ride.

That way he can give you a boost when you need it.

On the other hand, even a dad can be an influencer too.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with this guy's set up and his camera skills. Ha, ha.

And if you can't have dad take a photo for you just get your toddler to do it.

I wonder how that picture turned out? Talk about teaching them young.

Talk about a role reversal here.

Instagram | @influencersinthewild

I'm used to seeing girls posing on the beach like this. But this guy actually brought a fan with him. What? That's some preparation.

Is your friend really a friend if they don't crawl into a garbage bin to take a photo of you?

Apparently, that's what it takes these days. OMG! Too funny!

Take it or leave it.

This is what society has come to. There's always a story behind every amazing photo you see on Instagram and it's not what you think.