10+ Dark Secrets Behind 'Full House'

Even though this show may have been the most wholesome thing on television, there was a lot going on behind the scenes.

Things that may shock you. Things that may appall you. Things that may make you sick to your stomach.

These are all the dark secrets behind Full House.

1. The Olsen Twins Almost Left


Not because of the way they were treated or anything, but because their mother was concerned about how their life would turn out.

However, after they got a pay raise, she changed her tune.

2. Gail Edwards Retired After The Show


After her character left Danny to go to New York, Gail Edwards was officially done with her career as an actor.

Was it because of the show? We don't know.

3. The Curse


There is a rumor out there that the cast of Full House is cursed. John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget's careers have not flourished since the show.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had a hard life. Jodie Sweetin had some substance abuse issues.

4. Dave Coulier Might Be The Subject Of "You Oughta Know"


Nobody knows who Alanis Morrisette is singing to when she sings "You Oughta Know," but some suspect it may be Dave Coulier.

He, of course, has denied it saying it's a "silly urban legend that I just have to laugh at."

5. Dave Coulier Had Bad Farts


According to Bob Saget, David Coulier had some of the worst farts in the world. Apparently, they were so smelly they could clear an entire room.

And he also apparently used that power often.

6. The Guys Would Make Bad Jokes In Front Of The Kids


And no, not the kinds of bad jokes that make people roll their eyes. The kind that have a bunch of swears and naughty things in them.

In front of the children!

As Bob Saget put it:


“Dave, John and I would egg each other on and we were often driven to outbursts of non-family-friendly humor. When this happened, the producers and the parents of the kids would take us up to the conference room for a good talking-to.”

7. Some Of Them Got Caught Huffing


Yes, clutch your pearls all you like, but it is true.

The three main men of the set, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos had a knack for getting into trouble.

One time, they were caught huffing nitrous oxide out of whipped cream canisters that were meant for a kid's birthday party in between takes.


Shame on you boys!

8. Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Want Nothing To Do With The Series


Even though it made them household names, the twins want nothing to do with Full House. They constantly decline to make appearances at reunions or get-togethers.

Probably because one of the biggest cast members hated them.

9. John Stamos Hated The Olsen Twins


There is an old adage in Hollywood: "Never work with children or animals."

And John Stamos felt that sentiment to the full effect when he was forced to work with the Olsen Twins on Full House.

He hated those babies.


They would cry, they would throw tantrums, they would act like the babies they were! And Stamos hated it, he hated it so much he tried to get them fired!

Yeesh! Tone it down, Uncle Jesse!

10. Bob Saget Almost Quit


Ah, Bob Saget.

These days he's known for his brash, dirty humor, but back in the Full House days, he was this sweet guy who took care of a bunch of girls.

Well, he didn't like that.


In fact, he almost quit Full House for a couple of reasons.

The first being that the storylines were "too cheesy" and he was afraid of being associated with a "low quality" show.

11. John Stamos Got A DUI


Back in 2015, John Stamos was charged with driving under the influence.

He was sentenced to three years of probation and eventually had to go to rehab to fix his issues.

He said about his behaviour:


"I lost my mother last year, who was the love of my life—obviously a difficult time for me. I had this moment, I had some time off and I had a decision to make. So I took advantage of the time and I made a choice, and I'm just so grateful that I did."

12. Jodie Sweetin Had A Meth Issue


The sweetest little middle Tanner girl was addicted to meth for a while.

She also had some trouble with ecstasy and cocaine. All of this came after the show was on the air.

She said about her addiction: "It was hard for people to believe I was doing that much drugs."


"I look at photos from that event, and I didn't even look strung out!"

13. Her Three Marriages


And the issues didn't stop with drugs for Ms. Sweetin. She has also been in three different marriages.

And the woman is only 33 years old, so there's some time for more.

14. The Fourth Time


Sweetin's fourth major relationship came with a lot of issues as well.

She was supposed to be married (engaged, I guess) to a convicted felon by the name of Justin Hodak.

However, she and Justin ran into issues.


And eventually, Justin threatened to kill himself with a 9MM pistol if she made him leave.

She got a restraining order against him, and it was revealed he had the aforementioned gun illegally.

15. The Restraining Order


But the tale does not end there, dear reader, oh no.

Mere days after the restraining order was enacted, Hodak drove past the actress' house, violating the freshly added legal action.

Luckily, Jodie Sweetin was fine.

Hodak was arrested almost immediately, but released after posting bail.

On Sweetin's side, she posted a picture of her and her two daughters to let the world know that she was okay.

16. Candace Cameron Bure's Conservative Views


DJ Tanner is a conservative, and that's not a bad thing. Of course, it isn't.

What is problematic is how she described her relationship with hockey player Valeri Bure.

"I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship."


"I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work." she said.

17. Mary-Kate Olsen And Heath Ledger

We all know the strange circumstances of Health Ledger's death.

He overdosed on pills. But one of the biggest oddities about his passing was Mary-Kate Olsen's involvement in the whole ordeal.

After Ledger's body was discovered, the maid called Mary-Kate before calling the Police.


For months, the authorities asked the Olsen twin to talk voluntarily, but she refused to do so without immunity.

18. Her Eating Disorder


Mary Kate has lived a life full of tragedy. Not only did she deal with Heath Ledger's death directly, but she also had to deal with an eating disorder.

An eating disorder she had to check into rehab for.

"Everybody is going to go through hard times," she said.


"It's a part of life. I think the hardest part to get to is that point of asking for help or reaching out to other people and being honest with yourself."

19. The Twitter Feud

Mary-Kate Olsen and John Stamos had a bit of a Twitter feud when the Olsen Twins claimed they had not been asked to do the Full House reboot series on Netflix.

When they tweeted they hadn't been asked about it, Stamos tweeted back "I call [expletive]."

Several more tweets followed, but in the end, the Olsen twins admitted they just didn't want to do the show, as they haven't acted in years.

20. Aunt Becky


Lori Loughlin, the woman who played Aunt Becky, has been involved with many scandals.

Including one where she tried to pay to get her kids into college, and another where she may have committed mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.