11+ Vintage Wedding Trends That Are Making A Comeback

I'm currently in the midst of wedding planning. So when I hear murmurs about upcoming trends, my ears literally perk up. Ha, ha. And what's better than revisiting old ideas and making them new again, right?

Well, that's what seems to be the latest trend in wedding planning ideas. I've stumbled upon these vintage wedding trends that are now making a huge comeback and you'll see exactly why.

1. Tulle

Modern tulle is no longer considered "tacky" or too bridal. Today's dresses are very light, romantic and elegant so much so that I actually bought one myself. Ha!

2. Ruffles


It's 2020 and this year wedding dress trends are leaning towards less bling and more artistically-worked fabrics such as ruffles. I think this is a beautiful idea.

3. Gold Rings


While the past decade has favored bright, colorless metals like platinum and white gold, this year it seems that yellow gold is all the rage.

4. High-Neck, Balloon Sleeves Dresses


This vintage-inspired trend is no longer your grandma's ugly cousin. This time it's totally high fashion, feminine, and very on point. How pretty is this?

5. Flower Crowns


No longer reserved for just boho brides, this trend seems to be everywhere. I'm seriously considering doing something like this for my wedding. It's so pretty.

6. Baby's Breath


Baby's breath fell out of wedding favors back in the '90s when it was considered an inexpensive filler flower. Today they're being used in elaborate flower arrangements.

7. Bridal Capes


Capes are becoming a modern alternative to a traditional veil. And I can see why because they definitely inject some drama into your wedding outfit.

8. Pearl Jewelry

We are not talking about your mother's old pearl necklace. No sir. Today's brides are accenting their modern gowns with beautiful sets of vintage-inspired pearl jewelry.

9. Buttercream Wedding Cakes


For many years fondant was the way to go for modern wedding cakes. But this year, buttercream (yay), the tastier, creamier sister is having its day.

10. Rectangular Tables


Recently everybody was getting their seating plan organized in round tables that would seat eight-10 people. But the new trend favors long rectangular tables instead. Hmm, interesting.

11. Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress


This beautiful classic vintage-inspired look has been popping up all over the runways. It's definitely a timeless and usually flattering style on almost everyone.

12. Sheer Look


Whether you're actually bold enough to wear a sheer wedding dress is up to you. But even just an illusion of it can attract plenty of attention.

13. 'Micro Weddings'


Huge weddings are so passe, right? I mean who even knows 400 people? Ha, ha. Not me. So I'm totally in favor of smaller, more intimate affairs.

14. Bridal Headbands

Wikimedia | Etsy

Headbands decorated with lace, tulle, and satin flowers could be paired with a veil or worn on their own. Many brides today are wearing them as an accessory to their dress.

Whether you're a modern bride who's in love with that vintage-inspired dress or you want to bring back some nostalgia, these 2020 wedding trends should offer you plenty of choices.

What do you think of these trends?

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