Dolly Parton Started A Meme Challenge And Celebs Instantly Followed Her

Dolly Parton is quite the trendsetter.

The 74-year-old just unleashed a social media challenge on the internet and so many fans (and celebs) are HERE. FOR. IT.

Keep reading to see how your favorite celebs nailed the challenge!

Over the years, the internet has been introduced to some crazy social media challenges to the world.

This includes planking, the ASL ice bucket challenge, and, sadly, even the condom challenge... cringe

Last year, there was also the #BottleCapChallenge that took the internet by storm.

The challenge, created by Kazakh Tae Kwon Do champion Farabi Davletchin, involves twisting the cap off a bottle in one swift kick.

Soon, the challenge caught on and many celebs got involved.

This included everyone from Jason Statham, John Mayer to Kendall Jenner.

They even began challenging their celeb pals!

While some nailed the challenge, like Mariah Carey who used her voice to knock the bottle cap off, others failed it... in hilarious ways.

Ryan Reynolds was one of them.

He took to Twitter to share his "attempt" at the #BottleCapChallenge.

And now, we introduce you to the first social media challenge of 2020!

If you can believe it, it was started by none other than Dolly Parton!

Which makes sense, considering you need an icon to start an iconic meme.

Yes, the 74-year old country singer is quite the trendsetter!

She kicked off what is now known as the #DollyPartonChallenge by simply sharing this collage that showcases four "versions" of herself to represent LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinders perfectly.

Soon, so many celebs rose to the challenge and shared their own memes.

We'll now share with you which celebs hilariously took part!

You're welcome.

1. Jennifer Garner

The actress was one of the first ones to do so.

She even later joked about swapping out her Tinder picture for the Instagram one so that more people will "swipe" right.

2. The Jonas Brothers

If we swipe right on their Tinder pic, do we get all three bros? (Asking for a friend).

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Leave it up to Ellen to share this hilarious image of her dressed up as Nicki Minaj as her Tinder picture!

We image she got all the swipes on that and tons of likes on her star-studded Instagram shot.

4. Mark Ruffalo

The Marvel actor sure knows how to get at our hearts: by sharing images of him and his Marvel bros!

Fans better dig his pics or else The Hulk might come out...

5. Terry Crews

The iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor chose shirtless pics for all his pics because... Terry Crews.

And my oh my, does he look fine in each!

6. Miley Cyrus

Dolly is Miley's Godmother, so of course, she got involved!

Her collage is such a mood.

7. Kerry Washington

In case you haven't seen the actress's sultry side since Scandal, here's a reminder.

She is doing Tinder right.

8. Martha Stewart

Yep, even Martha got involved!

Her adorable friendship with Snoop Dogg is so worthy of our double-tap.

Tell us: which celeb's meme was your fav??