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A Reporter Asked Brad Pitt If He Plans On Bringing Jennifer Aniston As His Oscar Date

These two are some of the cutest celebrities in Hollywood!

It kind of makes you wish they would get back together or something, but we all know how the last time they got together ended.

Then again, time does heal all maybe they can give it another try.

It's award season!

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And that means two things:

We will be disappointed when our favorite movie/tv show/actor/actress doesn't win an award.

We will also get to see our favorite celebrities dressed to impress!

So much has happened this awards season so far.

Ricky Gervais gave a powerful speech during his opening of the Golden Globes.

"So if you do win an award tonight, don't use it as a political platform to make a political speech."

Tom Hanks' reaction to Gervais' speech also went viral.

And his reaction to Ricky Gervais' little speech. And if you think it was weird/out of line, imagine he went into a room of you and all your friends and ripped them apart.

There was a lot to take in at the Golden Globes, some good, some bad, and some that just made us cringe.


But the most important part of any award show is watching the celebrities interact.

It's definitely more interesting than the actual award winners.

It makes for memes, it makes for ships (when fans want two celebs to get together), and it makes people discuss which celebs looked best.

We may not be experts in fashion, but we can certainly pretend that we are.

But this year, it was all about celebrities reuniting.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt!

And oh, have the rumors mills been spinning about these two, but then again, the rumors never really stopped.

When it was announced the two would be going to the Golden Globes, fans were desperate to see if they would end up together on the red carpet.

Which, unfortunately, didn't happen.

But we did get an adorable reaction from Jen during Brad's speech.

Then there was the SAG awards, which broke the internet.

The award show was filled with great moments, but none more powerful than the reunion of Jen and Brad that the entire world was waiting for.

It all started when Brad Pitt was backstage and stopped everything to watch Jennifer Aniston give her speech.

It went viral on the internet for obvious reasons.

Pitt looked on with adoring eyes at the screen.

But then came the most important moment of all: the reunion.

They held hands, they smiled at each other, and Brad looked like he didn't want to let her go.

When that happened, the internet went crazy.

We've collected some fan reactions...

Starting with this one, and did I say "fan"? I meant to say "expert" reactions.

So, Dr. Twitter User, you're saying there's a chance they get back together and be together forever?

Seriously though, there was a lot of excitement.

Maybe because it was a couple from our childhood, maybe because we want these two actors to be happy, or maybe we're tired of all the bad news and want something good for once.

Of course, the 'Friends' fans came out to play.

Considering Brad Pitt did a cameo on the show that was arguably the biggest thing in Jennifer Aniston's career.

Oh hey, maybe he can do a cameo on The Morning Show next.

But of course, there were those who wanted to rain on everyone's parade.

Yes he was a trash husband then, but he's grown up!

He's a man now, Twitter User and he was only a boy then!

But as much as most of Twitter wants them to be in a relationship, it might not happen at all.

Or if they are, they're definitely keeping it a secret.

We know this because Brad Pitt is apparently going solo to the Oscars.

How do we know that?

When he was asked the other day whether or not he had a date for the Oscars, and if that date might be "Jen" he laughed and said he didn't have a date.

But for all of you who are hoping for them to get back together, don't lose that hope! Maybe they'll surprise us!