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Missing Cat Found Sitting Next To His Own 'Missing Cat' Poster

I think we can all agree that cats simply love chaos.

These little furry demons of cuteness can't seem to help themselves from knocking stuff over on the daily, getting into things they have no business getting into, and just generally devoting their time to making our lives much, much crazier.

If you need a really good example of that, check out this story of a anarchic "missing" cat who wasn't so "missing" after all.

A hilarious photo of the cat in question sitting inside a home's window was posted on Twitter.

You'll notice that this handsome fellow happens to bear a striking resemblance to that cat pictured in the "missing cat" poster taped to the window right next to him.

Well, that's because it's him in the picture.

If you've ever owned a cat, you've probably experienced the terror of thinking your beloved fur baby has inexplicably gone missing.

One time, I left my own kitty at my grandma's for a weekend and received a very terrified phone call just a few hours later, informing me that my cat had virtually disappeared and was no where to be found.

As it turns out, she hadn't gotten outside at all.

In fact, she'd been hiding in the basement all along and only eventually emerged from her little nest in the laundry room when it was dinner time.

See? Cats are damn chaotic.

Some Twitter users have speculated that this posing feline was simply the missing cat's brother or sister, but we don't know for sure.

All we really have to go off of is the "missing" poster, and the supposedly "missing" cat sitting awfully proud right next to it.

If this kitty was, in deed, once M.I.A. as the poster would suggest, I'm sure it's *hoomans* appreciated him finally coming back.

After all, assuming he'd been "gone" long enough to warrant a missing cat poster, I'd say they'd be pretty relieved to see him again, even if he was just hiding in their house all along.

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