15+ Cheaters Who Were Caught Red-Handed

Discovering that your partner is cheating on you can be an unbelievably soul-crushing moment. Such a betrayal can also leave you with issues trusting others again in the future for fear of being hurt in the same way.

In these instances, it's important to try and look at the positives, and to remember that there are better people out there who will treat you with the respect and the dedication that you deserve! So, don't let those toxic people get you down, and revel in the righteous justice dealt to these 15+ cheater who were caught red-handed!

"When she exposes your cheating text with PowerPoint"

Reddit | biglp

I like to imagine that she used the star wipe transition on this bad boy presentation!

"Whoa, buddy... Most people just give up half of their stuff and leave."

Reddit | DesiredNameWasTaken

Well, if anything should fix a marriage, then it's this! Good God that is one hell of a gamble, and not one that I ever think would work.

"My mom found out my dad has been cheating and since they don't exactly make cards for this occasion I had to improvise."

Reddit | Citrous_Oyster

This is actually quite a nice gesture from their son, if nothing else I'm sure it brought a smile to her face!

"Guy leaves note under the toilet seat about a cheating girlfriend"

Reddit | ehtio

There is no easy way to find out that someone is cheating on you, but this one is particularly hard to take.

Caught Via Twitter

When Alexis tweeted her random message to Hannah the nursing student in Dallas, she probably didn't expect for Hannah the nursing student to see it and to act on her message!

Always Remember Everyone Can Read The Comments You Leave...

Twitter | AItotheKO

This genius commented this on Burger King's Instagram page, and his partner saw it and ultimately discovered that he was cheating on her.

The Pokemon Go Tragedy...

Reddit | OfficeOrnament

At least this person has now seen the funny side. I'm sure that Nintendo didn't plan on this being one of the uses of their game when they made it.

"I suppose she's oblivious to the fact that she looks stupider than he does."

Reddit | Streuhund

What on Earth is going on here? He looks wayyyy too happy for someone who is meant to be being "punished"!

Priceless Revenge


Jennifer really hit Michael in all departments where it hurts with this one. Cheating could end up costing you more than just your reputation, partner, and general sense of wellbeing.

"Tattoo artist finds out GF is cheating, so tattoos sh*t on her back... Literally"

Redd8it | brazilliandanny

This one became quite popular when it emerged that the tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald, was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit after doing this, as his ex claimed he was meant to be tattooing a Narnia landscape on her back.

"My friend's moms found out that her husband has been cheating on her. She changed the "about me" on his many dating websites.

Reddit | ColeElkins

You should always make sure your passwords for things aren't something someone else can guess... oh, that and don't cheat on your partners!!!

I Hope They Had Insurance


That's one way for them to get the message! Also, how many Apple products does this person have?!

Exposing Them By Turning Them Into A Meme

Twitter | Hannah Stocking

This tweet went viral some time back, but I love the fact that she managed to use a picture of him in the tweet exposing him! That's how you do it!

Do You Think They Got The Message?


This car was left out in the street near Harrods in London, which is about as public as you can get.

Caught Red-Handed

Imgur | IHateMulesTheyAreSoHalfAssed

That is the face of a man who can see his life tumbling down around him. Also, he deserves this for wearing that jumper alone. I mean, look at the state of it!

That Really Is Heavy

Facebook | Listables

Does anyone out there make breakup cards? That could be an excellent business opportunity!

The Morning Commute

Parenting Isn't Easy

As much as I love this, it is really annoying me that if they just took one syllable off each line it would have been a haiku!

The More Classic Approach


There's a lot to be said for this approach. It is direct, public, and it gets the message across.

Happy New Year!


If you're new years resolution is to lose some weight, then cutting that toxic husband out of your life is a good place to start!

Strangers On A Train

Imgur | mwasbabu16

Who knows if this idiot's wife ever saw this, but with 262, 000 shares, we can only hope so!

Caught In A Hotel Room

Imgur | mwasbabu16

I doubt that such a weakly articulated, sentimental half-apology went any way towards repairing their marriage if I'm honest.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Ruin My Week

If you saw someone on Tinder and one of their profile images was of them with what is clearly a romantic partner, why would you ever swipe right on them?

Clearly Learned Her Lesson...

Reddit | joeclark5

I just don't understand at all why people do this. If someone cheats on you, this is not a good way to get back at them at all!

It's Not Complicated

Imgur | mwasbabu16

It's complicated might be an appropriate relationship status for if you've just found out that your partner likes listening to The 1975, but not for infidelity.

You Go Dianne!

Imgur | mwasbabu16

Dianne really didn't hold back. Cliana was also clearly not prepared to be dealing with that situation, much better to go back to your TV and mind your own business.

When Your Partner Finds Your Dating Profile

Imgur | voodooNOiZE

I bet Justin doesn't look so happy with himself now that his wife, and presumably his three daughters have found his dating profile.

Why Take The Calm Approach?


But do you think that they really smashed it up enough? Let me know whether you think that this response went far enough in the comments!

"How to break up with a Cheater."

Imgur | Verexio

Why just break up with someone when you can raise their hopes up only to bring them crashing back down again with more force than you could possibly have hoped? Although, how many other innocent Jennifers do you reckon saw this and were completely confused as to why this was happening to them?

Introducing The New Sony Soapstation

Imgur | mwasbabu16

Yeah, that's gonna need a bit more than being left overnight in a bowl of rice to fix that! Looks like this guy won't be playing any Crash Bandicoot for a long time... and hopefully won't be doing any cheating in future either.

"Person notices a wife sexting another man at a ball game. Hands husband warning note that wife is cheating."

Reddit | jagershotzz

This just goes to show you that there are some good people out there looking out for their fellow man.