Here Are All Your Personality Flaws Disguised As Animals

Diply 5 Dec 2017

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "What is wrong with you?"

Same, almost daily. But, here's the thing...we all pretty much know what is wrong with us, we just don't want to talk about those issues because then they're for real — and no one wants that.

Instead, I, like many of you, hide behind a thick layer of sarcasm and half-developed social skills and hope that none of my terrible personality flaws are overly noticeable.

Your inability to take a serious or meaningful picture at a downward angle with low lighting. 

Reddit | [deleted]

Some may call it vanity, I call it having a weirdly round face and one eyebrow that's shorter than the other.

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Not being able to deal with your emotions in a productive or healthy way.

Facebook | Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

So instead, you get drunker than is socially acceptable and blame it on your friends. Meghan Markle's friends set her up with a prince...what have any of your buddies done for you lately?

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Freeloading off of literally anyone who offers to help in any way.

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Whether this is at work or just having someone around, if I can get away with not doing something myself, that is ideal.

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The internal struggle of a Friday night: Do you go out and be social, or be gross and watch Netflix and eat so much food the delivery guy thinks you have people over?

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Listening in on all the hot goss about people in your life — or even about strangers, you don't care.

Reddit | rachiam

You don't want to be involved, but you want to know 110% of what's happening.

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