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People Are Turning Deviled Eggs Into Little Baby Yoda Snackies

You know when you say a word so much it starts sounding weird? That's what's happening to me with Baby Yoda. I've written so many articles about the little guy, and I have to say, for someone who's never seen The Mandalorian, I totally get the hype.

His presence is so powerful that he's inspired people to get super crafty!

Take these Baby Yoda deviled eggs, for example.

Facebook | Cressie Teague Lewis

Cressie Teague Lewis shared the inventive creation and accompanying recipe on Facebook.

No, that's not guac, although you could probably replace the egg yolks with it if you wanted to.

Facebook | Cressie Teague Lewis

This wasabi-looking filling is the product of green food coloring added to the yolks.

Peppercorns are used for the little button eyes and pieces of celery for the ears, which are flavors that totally compliment the appy.

Facebook | Cressie Teague Lewis

The hovercraft stroller is made by halving a half of the egg white and placing it above the eggy baby.

People on social media have been inspired to make their own!

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Who would have thought people would be excited about deviled eggs? No offence to deviled eggs...

Would this make you want to give deviled eggs a try?

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