10+ Controversial Decisions That The Avengers Have Made

Yes, the Avengers may be superhuman, but a keyword in that sentence is "Human".

So yes, on occasion, these beings with the powers of Gods do make mistakes. Sometimes they're pretty big, and other times... Well, most of the time their mistakes are pretty darn big.

Let's check them out!

1. Vision Paralyzes Rhodes


What did Vision expect to happen? Even if his beam hit its target (Falcon) it probably would have yielded the same conclusion, just on Sam Wilson.

Was he trying to paralyze someone?

2. Peter Gives E.D.I.T.H. to Quentin Beck


Why Peter? He was seemingly your friend, sure, but why on earth would you give something with such destructive power to someone you literally just met?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Just plain stupid.

3. Steve Doesn't Tell Tony About Bucky


More importantly, the fact that Bucky killed Tony's parents.

Cap may have done it to protect Bucky, but maybe a lot of damage could have been avoided if Cap had just fessed up to Tony.

4. Nebula Forgets The Price Of The Soul Stone


Yeah... so she knew what Thanos had to do to get the Soul Stone, right? She knew that a life had to be sacrificed in order to get it?

We're clear on that?

Why the heck didn't she say anything to Clint and Natasha before they went to Vormir?


A lot more planning could have gone into the sacrifice!

But then again, if that was the case, it wouldn't have been so emotional and dramatic.

5. Tony Gives His Address To Terrorists


What was he trying to do here? Invite them over to blow up his stuff? Because newsflash, that's exactly what they do in Iron Man 3.

Just straight up irresponsible.

6. Tony Creates Ultron


Yes, they already gave him s-word for this, but it was still a really stupid decision.

Even after being warned against it, he still goes ahead and creates the villain for the second Avengers movie.

7. Thor Abandons Responsibility


Yeah sure, when they find him in Avengers: Endgame he's hanging out in New Asgard, but the leadership role has clearly fallen to Valkyrie.

Considering how much he's put on the line to protect those people, it's sad to see him fall so low.

8. Cap Staying In The Past


Although Evans has said that there is a deleted scene where Cap tells Bucky about his decision, the fact is, he broke hearts by choosing to go back.

While he was only gone for five seconds, Bucky has to learn how to live without him.

9. Peter Doesn't Ask For Help With The Vulture


Listen, he may be Spider-Man.

He may have some of the best powers out of the entire group of Avengers... But at the end of the day, he's just a kid.

And we know that Stark already berated him for this...


But the whole Ferry scene in Spider-man: Homecoming could have been avoided if he had just asked for help from his mentor Tony Stark.

Hopefully, Peter learns from his mistakes in the future.

10. Clint Becomes Ronin


The ruthless assassin who just straight up kills people. Yes, we know he lost his family in the snap, but he wasn't the only one.

And the other Avengers deal with it pretty well...

They join therapy groups, and they talk about it with their friends.


Only one of them goes out and starts murdering.

Hawkeye, if you don't care about what we think, care about what your family would think.

11. Captain America Doesn't Sign The Accords


Yes, even if you don't agree with the fact that superheroes should have to reveal their secret identities, you have to admit this was a dumb decision by Captain America.

He was the one that broke up the Avengers!