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A Booze Bouquet Will Get You In The Valentine's Day Spirit

I've written about bouquets here and there, and I always (I think) profess my love for flowers. And while I am a major floral proponent, all these other bouquets have me craving more.

Let's be honest, a bouquet full of booze is the greatest way someone could ever show how much they love and appreciate you.

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Alright, that might be a tad dramatic.

However, a bouquet like this will definitely be put to good use.

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You'll have your celebratory drinks ready right on the spot!

Fill up the bouquet with mini bottles of whatever booze your partner or pal desires and maybe a few flowers and some snacks to really zhuzh it up.

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Like a care package of sorts.

Add some shot glasses and decorate the bouquet in the spirit of the respective occasion you're celebrating. Just have fun with it!

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See what I did there? Get it — "spirit"? No Long Island Medium, though.

-ba dum tss-

Unfortunately, we haven't found any companies that make these to order and deliver, but there plenty of tutorials to choose from if you're stumped on how to make your very own.

The Decorated Cookie

This one from the blog The Decorated Cookie simply tapes the mini bottles to various flower stems.

This person added some fun Valentine's Day-themed decorations that really give it that classic bouquet feel.

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They also got funky with the bouquet and added some chocolate and more booze.

You can never have enough!

However you choose to decorate your booze bouquet, you just can't go wrong.

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A little chocolate and a little booze is a Valentine's Day dream come true!

Will you be giving out booze bouquets this Valentine's Day?

Let us know!

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