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Clever Crochet Star Onesies Keep Babies Cute And Cozy

Everything is so much more cute when its baby-fied. When it comes to the world of crochet, the options for dressing your baby in the most adorable buntings, onesies, and outfits in different shapes, animals, and characters is limitless.

These star buntings are no exception.

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The shape of a star makes so much sense for a little swaddle!

Now you can wrap your little star in something that they really are.

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I hope you appreciated my little rhyme.

This fun rainbow star bunting is being sold on Etsy for $55.

Every parent believes their child is a star, and this bunting could not be more perfect to share that with the world.

The design looks pretty familiar, doesn't it?

Maggie's snowsuit come to mind?

These star swaddles are like an outfit and blanket all in one.

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They'll keep your baby cozy and looking super stylish.

The baby buntings are great shower gifts and can be handed down for generations to come!

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Not to mention, they also make for the cutest photo shoots.

This pattern pictured above is available from Etsy for $7.

There are tons of great patterns to make your little star so unique.

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There are many free patterns to choose from online if you're a master crocheter yourself.

And if you want one yourself, I mean, no one's going to stop you from making a giant star pocket to keep you cozy in while you binge Netflix.

A blanket and outfit all in one? Count me IN.