Start The Morning As A Winner With 'Poop Like A Champion' Cereal

We've all heard about the importance of getting enough fiber each day. Fiber helps maintain low glucose levels and cholesterol, and it also helps get the bowels a'moving, which will make you feel " grrrrreat!"

Fiber One, Raisin Bran, GOLEAN, All Bran, and many others were invented to get your morning started right, but there's one fiber cereal to rule them all.

The name really says it all.


The creators of "Poop Like A Champion" cereal really aren't beating around the bush here. They're not afraid of a little toilet talk!

Half a cup of the cereal boasts a whopping 16 grams of fiber, which is over half of the daily percentage.

Instagram | @pooplikeachampion

Now, this is not your ordinary fiber cereal. There are no raisins to decorate its contents or any sugar coating to mask its bland flavor.

One reviewer likened the flavor to "[a] freshly cleaned barn."

However, with a 4-star Amazon rating, people clearly swear by it.

Instagram | @dr.sherrysakowitzsukkar

"I will ABSOLUTELY pay twelve dollars to poop normally again so I ordered some," one reviewer wrote.

"I can give Poop Like a Champion a coveted One Flush Award," another wrote.

Who knew there would be a day when people would be so open about their bowel movements on the Internet?

This cereal truly brings people together!

The reviews are quite...descriptive.

"I remember the first time i [sic] watched a hippo poop on the zoo as a child. It was sort of like a mud-filled Gatling gun that went on forever. Well, this stuff works like that," they wrote.

The only thing left to do is eat it from none other than a poop emoji bowl.


Find it for $12.99 here.

If you're ready to poop like a champion and win the morning, you can find the cereal on Amazon.