Disney's 'National Treasure 3' Moving Forward With Production

For those of you who have missed the National Treasure franchise, well miss it no longer.

It seems that in their desperate attempt to get new stuff for Disney+ (probably) they have decided to bring the beloved series back once again.

And now... we're hopefully going to get some details.

The last time we heard from the 'National Treasure' series...


It was 2018 and director Jon Turteltaub was telling ComicBook.com all about how yeah, he, Nic Cage and producer Jerry Bruckheimer would totally be down for another National Treasure movie.

But only if Disney was willing to pony up the cash.

Or as he puts it:


"It's a no. I would love there to be. Nic is like, in wardrobe right now. Jerry Bruckheimer is ready to go. We would love to."

But someone would have to raise "80 million" he continued.

Well, it seems someone did raise that 80 million...


Because The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that not only is there going to be a Bad Boys 4 coming out, but writer Chris Bremner was writing a script to National Treasure 3.

And yeah, apparently Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing again.


So, if that original quote from Jon Turteltaub is to be believed, we should have the whole cast and crew around for the third installment.

And boy, it should be a doozy.