Soap Goes To Better Use With These 13+ Hacks

Diply 18 Oct 2018

Soap: without it, our world would be a much dirtier place.

Whether we're talking about dish soap, hand soap, or bar soap, we owe a debt of gratitude to these acids, fats, chemicals, and miscellaneous other ingredients for keeping stuff clean.

But why stop at the conventional? Let's explore some alternative uses for everybody's favorite cleaner that you may not have thought of before.

1. Create soap with super scrubbing power.

YouTube | Craft Factory

It's super easy to make your own soap — the kind of customized bars you'd never seen in drug stores. Craft Factory shared an awesome suggestion on YouTube that involves embedding a piece of natural sponge in bars of soap as they set. Once they're done, you've got a great scrubby bar of soap.

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2. Mix up the perfect shower cleaner.

YouTube | Maria Cisneros Toth

YouTuber Maria Cisneros Toth took a cup of dish soap and a cup of white vinegar to make a simple solution to clean her shower. Not only does it clean the shower, the soap acts as a defogger if you have a shower with glass doors.

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3. How to avoid dealing with soap slivers.

Lilac and Clover Soap | Lilac and Clover Soap

Every bar of soap eventually reaches its sad, slivery end. Fight back with this tip from Lilac and Clover Soap: just cut up the old soap bits (or leave them be) and mash them together to make a brand new Frankensoap.

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4. (Nearly) endless lather.

YouTube | Crafty Hackers

If you're the type who hates re-lathering your sponge, try this crafty hack from Crafty Hackers. Just cut a soap bar-sized groove in a big sponge, stash the soap inside, and enjoy a sponge with virtually endless lather.

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5. Slime is always fun.

YouTube | Slime Hack

This classic DIY for kids can be made in about a million different ways. If you don't want to mess around with sticky white glue, you can try this DIY from the appropriately named Slime Hack. It gets its gooey consistency from soap and its texture from corn starch.

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6. Keep your dirty laundry nice and fresh.

Reddit | TrueMethod12

When you're traveling and don't have access to laundry facilities, it can be tough to know what to do with your dirty laundry. You can keep it (your luggage and your clean clothes) fresher longer by stashing it with a bar of soap. This one's from Redditor TrueMethod12.

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7. Defogging action, engage!

Reddit | spoops5

One of soap's must underrated qualities is its usefulness in keeping surfaces fog free. If you've just gotten out of the shower and can't see yourself through the fog, try rubbing just a little bit of soapy water onto the area you need to look at. Reddit user spoops submitted this hack.

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8. Who doesn't love a good science experiment?

YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

CrazyRussianHacker always has fun DIYs, and this one — using nothing more than milk, food coloring and a dab of dish soap — demonstrates surface tension, as well as the way that soap breaks down the fat in the milk, in a super fun way.

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9. Make a long-lasting ice pack.

YouTube | Perk

Thicker liquids and gels tend to stay frozen longer than water alone. Dish soap is thick and freezes well, which makes it a good candidate for use in an ice pack. This simple tip was shared by Perk on YouTube.

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10. The invisible soap dish.

Reddit | Pavement_ist_rad

A soap dish is the best way to keep things tidy, but if you don't have one, you can still keep your countertops from getting covered with soap slime. Redditor Pavement_ist_rad shows us that embedding a bottle cap into the bottom of a bar of soap keeps it just elevated enough.

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11. Unstick stubborn rings.

YouTube | Power Vision

Rings have a way of getting lodged onto your fingers in such a way that they're impossible to pry off with force alone. Soap is slick and slimy, and you can put this to good use in helping get that ring off, as demonstrated by YouTuber Power Vision.

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12. Bye bye, fly guys.

Reddit | rumblingkitty

Fruit flies have a way of swarming your kitchen out of nowhere, with no warning (well, other than the fact that your bananas are a tad overripe). Reddit user rumblingkitty shared this simple recipe for a fruit fly trap. It's as simple as adding a drop of dish soap into a dish of vinegar.

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13. Out of WD-40? No problem!

YouTube | Clean My Space

Sliding doors have a way of getting super squeaky over time. If you don't have WD-40 (or just don't want to deal with the harsh smell), try this tip from Clean My Space on YouTube. A dab of dish soap will fix the problem!

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14. Pests, be gone! 

The Homespun Hydrangea | The Homespun Hydrangea

If it seems like your garden is constantly getting attacked by critters, The Homespun Hydrangea has a hack for you. Take a cheese grater to Irish Spring soap, and create a barrier of soap around your plants. For whatever reason, it keeps chipmunks and the like away. This hack is a huge win for gardeners!

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15. Bejewel your bathroom.

YouTube | Crafty Panda

When it comes to store-bought decorative soap, it seems like it always comes in fruit or seashell shapes. If you're looking for something different, you could do a lot worse than this mystic-looking DIY gem soap from Crafty Panda.

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16. Portion control is important, even with soap.

Reddit | NLS83

Kids have a way of using more soap than they need. Since parents aren't made of soap (or money), you can try this simple trick (from Redditor NLS83) to keep them from overusing soap that comes from a hand pump. All it requires is a rubber band.

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