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Suzanne Somers Reveals Her #1 Skincare Secret Is 'Good Sex'

Look, when it comes to ageless queens, few Hollywood icons have stayed as youthful and vivacious as Suzanne Somers.

Suzanne has been winning over our hearts since the 70's, and *no* I wasn't around in the 70's, but I've watched so many "Three's Company" reruns I feel like I WAS!

Now, at 73-years-old, fans can't stop wondering how our queen still looks as amazing as ever!

Instagram | @suzannesomers

Thankfully, she let us in on her #1 skincare secret with sitting down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy asked Suzanne a speed round of questions about how to remain AGELESS, and our girl did not disappoint.

Instagram | @suzannesomers

She works out every other day. She loves yoga. She uses LIQUID OXYGEN on her skin. She's never had a facelift. She HATES anchovies but LOVES clear tequila.

And when asked if there was a "correlation between having good sex and a good skin complexion?,” Suzanne replied with an enthusiastic "YEAH!"

Instagram | @suzannesomers

She and hubby Alan Hame have been married for over 40 years!

I hope to look half as gorgeous as Suzanne when I'm her age!

Instagram | @suzannesomers

We stan an honest, ageless queen!

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