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Kesha Talks About Time She 'Almost Died' During Music Video: 'We Were All Screaming'

We all know that a lot of movies are total deathtraps, and some TV shows can even be the death of some people.

But it seems that even the world of music videos isn't safe from possibly killing their stars.

Should we just stop making art altogether, lest someone else gets hurt?

There was a time when Kesha was queen of the world.

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We were all waking up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, we were all going down and yelling Timber, etc, etc.

And now, she's trying to regain that top spot with her new album, High Road.

But this climb to the top does not come without it's pitfalls.

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Like the time where she almost died when she got her belly button ring stuck on her drummer's jacket and was almost killed by her bodyguard in a car.

Yeah, the story is about insane as it sounds:

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"We followed the — what do you call it? The Google? — into the middle of the desert and it was not the right place. So then my belly button ring got stuck on my drummer's jacket. And then my bodyguard, Captain Cereal Daddy, came barreling down the road ... he's going like 90 [miles per hour] and he's like, 'Get out of the way!'"

"I'm clinging on to my drummer saying, 'Don't you move, you're going to rip my bellybutton out.' And he didn't move. He didn't move but we're all just, like, screaming, and then he [Kesha's bodyguard] narrowly averted us."

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But that wasn't the only wacky thing that happened that day:

"We got in the car, we're like 'Woo, almost died,' and then we drive — five minutes later we see a dead body on the side of the road."

Well, Kesha sure has an interesting life, doesn't she?