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Adele Shows Off Her Massive Back Tattoo At The Beach

Adele isn't just rolling in the deep; she's rolling in the ink, too!

Thanks to newly-surfaced photos, it's been discovered that Adele has a massive back tattoo and fans had no clue it existed!

There are a lot of women out there in showbusiness, but only a few can be called an inspiration.


Beyonce is one example of a woman with that intense kind of power. Madonna would be another.

But they aren't the only ones who rule the musical world.

Adele is one of the most beloved female musicians ever.

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Not only does she have an amazing voice, not only is she out there promoting body positivity, but she also smashed the Grammys back once upon a time.

And people all over the world consider themselves superfans.

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Whether you listen to her music or not, she's just one of those women in the world of Hollywood that you can't help but adore.

If you consider yourself an Adele superfan, then there's probably a lot of things you know about her.

Like how she's an ah-mazing singer who's won more Grammys than you can even count.

Or how the "Hello" singer lost a serious amount of weight in 2019.

We can thank her ex, Simon Konecki, for that since her weight loss truly kicked into high-gear soon after they announced their divorce.

There's nothing like a bad breakup to spur some major change!

But not everyone has been feeling her transformation.

That was made more than evident this week after images surfaced of her at the beach with Harry Styles and James Corden.

Soon, the comments got really negative, with people saying that she looks "too skinny."

"Looks old and haggard," another tweeted.

Which, really, is just flat out rude.

Adele had first shown major signs of weight loss when she attended Drake's birthday party in October.

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Since the image she posted online only really showed her face, it was difficult for fans to see just how much weight she had lost.

This person speaks the real truth:

You said it, Amal.

She was always a picture of beauty and grace, and we don't care about what she's wearing or her weight! We always thought she was beautiful!

But back to those beach photos, since they even sparked some major concern for her health.

First, she was "too big" and now she's too skinny?

It just goes to show you how celebs really can't catch a break...

Thankfully, a lot of fans had her back.

They pointed out the unfair double-standard celebs go through since Adele went from being fat-shamed to skinny-shamed in just a year.

On top of Adele's major weight loss, fans noticed something else majorly different about the singer...


Yep. On her right shoulder, there are a bunch of doves flying.

We're glad the tattoo didn't stretch with her weight loss!

Some people thought about the irony of the tattoo, which to be fair, is pretty hilarious.

But let's face it: seagulls can be jerks.

Doves are not only nicer, but they also have a much deeper meaning! They represent peace!

These birds are nowhere near being Adele's first ink.

The singer has eight tattoos, all of which carry different meanings.

For example, there's the letter "A" behind her ear.

Adele got "A" to stand for "Angelo," her six-year-old son.

It could also stand for "adorable," since that's what it is!

Speaking of her son, she has his name tattoed on her right hand.

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She also has "Paradise" inked on her left hand ("cause Angelo is my paradise,” she told Rolling Stone).

Things didn't feel quite like "paradise" after she got the tat, though.

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That's because, Adele had no idea that Lana Del Rey has pretty much has the same “paradise” hand tattoo.

Thankfully, in true Adele fashion, she ended up finding the whole mix-up hilarious.

“She probably thinks I’m, like, some mad fangirl,” she said. “I mean, I am a Lana fangirl, but not a crazy one.”

Overall, regardless of any body shamers, we're just so that Adele is happy, healthy, and totally living her best life!

Now, to make sure we have our best life in 2020, she needs to release new music!!