15+ Food Fails That Have The Recipe For Disaster

I will be the first person to admit that I'm pretty terrible in the kitchen. I am the living embodiment of the stereotype of a grown man who never had to learn how to cook for himself. So, when I show you these pictures and laugh at all the ways that people have failed at food, I feel like it's okay, because I am one of them at heart.

1. As a Canadian, Tim Hortons' smile cookies are a yearly tradition that is not to be trifled with.

Reddit | Levangeline

And yet, somehow, somebody let some hack with an itchy icing finger make a mockery of this national treat. For shame, for shame.

2. Well, I guess it is still technically green and a salad. But that's really just sneaking by on a technicality.

Reddit | Matthebest33

That's also the tiniest salad I've ever seen. There's like...7/8ths of a leaf of lettuce in there. Come on, now.

3. Original Go Bowl? More like, original "no" bowl, amirite?

Reddit | Wakaranai_uwu

I mean, yeah, I'd still eat the heck out of all of it. I'm not too proud to admit that. So, maybe "no bowl" was a little bit too spicy. I'm sorry, KFC.

4. This one's so blatant that I almost respect it.

Reddit | manmadhudu

It's not like the person wasn't going to find out, either. It's not like people are just chomping through fruit without taking the sticker off first.

5. Um, excuse me, I ordered the lava cake, not the cake that looks like it was previously swallowed up by lava.

Reddit | banisoup

I call it Pompeii style. No? Too soon? Really? Too soon for Pompeii jokes, huh. Well, now I know.

6. They tried to make this cake a-Dora-ble, and instead it turned out a-Dhorrible.

Reddit | Everdale

I'm really hoping that that joke is less clunky and awkward than I think it is. I'm not gonna change it, but I'm still hoping.

7. Obviously, making desserts is just hard.

Reddit | TrelliaOlivers

I mean, when you set out to make something look like a mud pit and it still looks this bad, you know you're better off keeping your day job.

8. Let's not pretend that we wouldn't all still eat the heck out of this ice cream sandwich.

Reddit | Reddit

But we'd still be a little salty about it. Actually, I am having second thoughts...

9. Is...is everything going okay for you, Pop-Tarts?

Reddit | Ka-Jisoo

If you're having trouble at home, that's okay, we can talk about it.

And wow, it looks like it's not even just one bad Tart. The other one on the counter is just as rough.

10. Wow, that's just not even close.

Reddit | DashkaXX

It's also really throwing me off that it looks like one of those things costs $2,200. I'd expect it to look way more like the picture if I'm paying that kind of a premium.

11. Instead of Pumpkin Delights, Reddit decided that these should be called Pumpkin Despairs.

Reddit | GameCollector44

And really, that sounds like a much better name for them. That is a look of true anguish right there.

12. This kind of looks like someone just took all the toppings, put them in a trebuchet, and launched them at the donut so they could fall wherever.

Reddit | i_ata_starfish-twice

Now that I'm thinking about it, though, that sounds like a lot of fun.

13. It takes a very special situation to make pizza seem unappealing, but somehow, this Walmart pulled it off.

Reddit | im12andilikefortnit

Actually, it looks a little bit like those pizzas that McDonald's used to make.

14. "Millennials aren’t killing restaurants [...] food like this is." —rch09c

Reddit | rch09c

If you served me that in a college dorm, I'd be happy to accept, but if I had to pay for it? No, thank you.

15. I've got to wonder if whoever designed this container just had a hatred for the world that they didn't know how to act out any other way.

Reddit | organicbabykale1

You're just going to make people furious the second they open it. Why bother?

16. You know you're in for a high quality frozen pizza when the sauce just straight-up separates from the dough.

Reddit | Ecj7c5

Then again, another Redditor named nobody_likes_soda suggested that they put those toppings onto another pizza. And that's an idea I can get behind.

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