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10-Year-Old Hilariously Recreates Viral Celebrity Photos

In the finest tradition of Instagram comedians, 10-year-old @rileydiary, aka Riley, takes celebrity photos and puts her own spin on them.

From Nicki Minaj to Shia LeBeouf, let's take a look at some of Riley's greatest hits.

Emma Stone, eat it up.

I doubt she waffled over whether to post this one.

To recreate this brown and gold Emma Stone dress, Riley went for some tastefully placed waffles and some very strategic packing tape.

She will bring her family honor.

We love a kid who's good at memes! Riley busted out some tape, a ponytail, rope, and vegemite to recreate a screencap from Mulan.

I'm already excited for her inevitable Netflix standup special.

Her caption is the best thing ever.

So I'll allow her to speak for herself for this one:

"Fashion that takes your breath away. *Please don’t try this at home. I am a professional idiot ."

I'm changing my author bio to "professional idiot."

Lettuce head.

Nicki really thought she did something with that half platinum, half green wig.

Riley went for a creative half cauliflower, half broccoli up-do, finished off with lettuce framing her face. We love fashion.

Beauty influencers are quaking.

Why use eyeliner to create an intricate eye look that you can't wear anywhere when you can whip open the pantry and make it happen with a gummy worm? Plus, free snack after!

This is too cute for words.

If you were playing a game of "who wore it better," the answer hsa to be Riley.

While Miley rocked the open jacket, there's nothing cuter than a kid in oversized clothes.

Do it! Do it!

One of Riley's first celebrity recreations was this frankly iconic video of Shia LeBeouf's.

"Keep working on your dreams," Riley wrote after posting the throwback to her account. What an angel.

Just a touch of pink.

Model Danielle Moinet looked like she was having a great time at the beach.

Riley looks like she was having an okay time sitting in a muddy puddle next to some garbage.

Same thing.

Keepin' it eco-friendly.

Here, we have Riley opting for a sustainable fashion moment.

Why go for that gorgeous velvet look like Ashanti when you can save Riley's for when you get desperate for moving boxes?

This is basically the same thing.

Try and tell me it's not. If Haley Bennett's dress isn't made out of grass, then how does it have that specific...kinda wilted texture?

Anyway, Riley's astroturf and trash bag definitely got the job done.

Where's her YouTube channel?

Riley is coming for JoJo Siwa's gig, mark my words.

First of all, JoJo's background is definitely just toast with googly eyes. The cotton candy bow is the epitome of fashion. It's fashion and a snack.

Watch your back, Siwa.

I'm ready for her Met Gala debut.

Kim Kardashian's metal dress doesn't hold a candle to Riley's tinfoil one.

Reasons Riley's look is superior: she still has her eyebrows and thus does not look like a shiny alien. No offense, Kim. You still killed it.

I prefer Riley's, tbh.

With all due respect to our Queen Riri, who can (usually) do no wrong...a bucket hat is just a tragedy.

Riley's solution is genuinely something I'd rather wear more. I said it, I meant it.

Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog...

Bonus points if you get that reference.

While Zendaya was slaying in Ralph Lauren, Riley was slaying in a new designer — Floating Hot Dog. You haven't heard of them yet, but Riley is really putting them on the map.

Riley vs RiRi: Round 2.

This one took some serious work.

Rihanna's patchwork petal MetGala look must have been a pain to recreate, but Riley managed it thanks to a pile of mismatched fabric— and some red string, of course.