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7+ Adorable Baby Yoda Items That You Can Buy At Disney Parks

If you've never actually seen Disney+'s The Mandalorian, you would be validated to assume that Baby Yoda, real name The Child, was the main star. He's not, by the way. Pedro Pascal is.

In any case, Baby Yoda completely blew up —what seems like— over night and immediately captured everyone's hearts, even those who have never seen an episode.

Now you can find the most adorable Baby Yoda merch at Disney Parks!

This "Baby On Board" Sticker


This Baby Yoda "Baby On Board"-inspired sticker couldn't have worked out more perfectly.

If you're a Star Wars buff and a new parent, this is a must-have.

You can also find it [online](\\) for $14.99.

This MagicBand

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Enter any Disney Park in style with this absolutely adorable Baby Yoda MagicBand.

I would wear this as a bracelet out of the park too, tbh.

This Long Sleeve Shirt

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The graphic of Baby Yoda on this long sleeve crew neck is just too adorable! It's like you're a kangaroo Yoda and this is the lil baby hanging out.

This Backpack

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So, technically this isn't Baby Yoda. It's just Yoda kawaii-fied, which still makes it something Yoda and something extremely adorable.

It counts.

This Meme-Inspired Phone Case


It's 2020, and I'd hope you'd be familiar with the "He protec, but he also attac" meme.

If you don't, it doesn't matter. But this is what this phone case is based on.

Find it online as well for $29.99.

These Ears

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You gotta have Disney ears when you visit a Disney Park! It's like an unofficial requirement.

These ears might just be Yoda ears, but we can also make them Baby Yoda ears if we want to.

This Phone Case

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This phone case has all the important graphics from the show! The only thing it's missing is his soup cup, but we can patiently wait for an updated version.

If you can't, find it online for $34.99.

These Socks

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These are a pair of socks you're going to want to show off to everyone you know! This graphic just makes me want to collect all the Baby Yoda things.

If you're a regular at Disney Parks or plan to visit this year, it won't be hard to collect 'em all.

What sorts of Baby Yoda merchandise would you immediately buy? Let us know!

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