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Intense Photo Shows The Strength Of Moms When Giving Birth

For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of giving birth is pain. However, one viral image of a mom in the midst of a contraction is bringing a new word to mind: strength.

This raw photo is changing people's perceptions of birth and many people are praising its depiction of what moms are truly capable of.

When we think of pregnancy, we tend to focus on the physical changes that happen to an expecting mom's body.

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Many people don't realize how much strength and stamina is required of the mother during pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery.

In fact, researchers have determined that the physical exertion of pregnancy is equal to running a marathon every day for nine months.

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Of course, women always knew the toll pregnancy and birth can take on their bodies, but now we have the science to back it up.

It also goes without saying that a woman's body goes through a lot when she gives birth.

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Besides the muscles in her abdomen and uterus contracting, a woman's bones and the ligaments in her pelvis will stretch and move to make room for the baby's head.

A mother's entire body is working hard to deliver that baby!

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Ask any mom, and she will tell you that giving birth requires endurance and strength.

Not only does research show us the physical demands of pregnancy, but a recent viral photo is painting a vivid image of the strength required by mothers when giving birth.

It's not often that we get to see images like this go viral.

The photo was shared online by Gather Birth Cooperative, a doula and birth photography organization based in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gather Birth Cooperative

The organization offers birth photography services, as well as prenatal and birth support for families.

A doula is a professional birth assistant who provides emotional and physical support to a mom in labor and delivery.

Doulas can make suggestions for comfortable birth positions, offer massages that provide counter pressure to a mom in labor, and provide words of encouragement to the mom and dad during the birth.

The photo was taken in the midst of this mother's contraction.

You can see how the contraction places a great deal of pressure on her abdomen as it coaxes the baby's head down the birth canal.

The bond between the mother and her doula is evident in this striking photo.

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"A good doula knows how to help birth keep moving (like suggesting the always amazing toilet position), but also knows when to stand back, let you get in the zone and rock your birth," Gather Birth wrote on Instagram.

If you're expecting a baby soon, you might want to take a cue from this photo.

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It is a great example of a well-known birthing position: sitting on the toilet! This is a popular technique used by doulas and midwives to naturally encourage the baby down.

The mother's doula sits across from her as she waits for the contraction to pass.

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The photo was shared to Instagram as a testament to the strength of mothers during this incredibly beautiful, but challenging process.

It's also a testament to the relationship between a woman and her doula.

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"The strength in this photo is physical and mental. It’s immeasurable. A doula is there to help remind you of your strength when it feels impossible. We know you can do it. You are doing it," Gather Birth wrote on Instagram.⠀

Since it was shared on Instagram, this photo has racked up over 1,300 likes.

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It was also featured by a number of parenting publications online.

This viral photo has struck a chord with a number of moms online.

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Any mom who has given birth knows what this photo feels like, even if they never got to see their own contractions in action. It is kind of amazing to see how a woman's entire body is affected by the birth process.

Many people have also praised this raw and beautiful photo.

It's an important reminder that all moms are basically superheroes.

It's easy to see why this image has captured the internet's attention.

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Birth photography is becoming more popular and images like this remind us how amazing labor and delivery can be.

The rise in popularity of birth photography is making it possible for us to get a new perspective on the birth process.

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While hiring a birth photographer to capture all the challenges and the beauty of birth was once unheard of, more and more parents are opting to photograph their births.

Recently, another birth photo went viral for showing the moment when a laboring mom's bones moved to make room for her baby.

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Shared on Facebook by Tangi Birth Services, many people were fascinated to see this rare angle of what happens to a woman's body in birth.

Images like these just begin to scratch the surface of the indescribable birth experience.

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Anyone who has gone through a birth or witnessed one knows it is a truly once-in-a-lifetime event. These photos remind us of that and the strength of birthing mothers.

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