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Leonardo DiCaprio Weighs In On The Ending Of 'Inception'

Finally! After all these years, we get to find out whether he was in a stupid dream or not.

No more fan theories, no more speculation, Leo is going to tell us whether or not his character was in a dream.

Alright, Leo my boy. Lay it on us. What was going on?

It's been years since 'Inception' blew our minds.


But what blew our minds the most was the ending.

As that top kept on spinning, we wondered: is he in a dream? Is this real? Is he dead?

And most importantly: what is going on?


We just wanted someone to tell our ape brains what happened so we could all rest easy.

Well, recently Leonard DiCaprio (the star of Inception) was on the WTF With Marc Maron and they talked about the movie.

So after all these years we're finally going to know the truth.


We'll finally know what the hell was going on.

While people will always have their fan theories, it's nice to get an actual confirmation of one of the most confusing movies of all time.

So what did Leo have to say?


He replied, "I have no idea. You're just focused on your character, man. It depends on the eye of the beholder, I guess."

So basically, we learned nothing from him. Thanks a lot Leo.