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Influencer Hilariously Recreates Viral Celebrity Photos

People who recreate celebrity pictures are the new frontier of comedy. I said it, I meant it.

Instagram user @_emilife, aka Emi, creatively recreates celebrity photoshoots...with a big twist.

He put this together so fast.

The Golden Globes only just aired, but that didn't stop Emi from coming up with a "dupe" for Joey King's dress.

I genuinely thought that was a real oyster at first. Oops.

James Charles who?

There's only one way to beat makeup guru and YouTuber James Charles at his own game: stick a postcard to your head and call it a day.

I wonder what palette he used?

This is basically the same thing.

On the one hand, we have someone else's human hair being used strategically to cover up nipples.

And on the other hand, we have someone else's human hair being used to strategically cover up nipples.

Ah, that crinkle cut look.

All I want to know is how long it took him to pick out the chips, lay them out, and then individually adhere them to packing tape.

There's so many layers of deliciousness in there.

Céline Dion is quaking.

I can't believe Céline spent all of that money on a custom dress and headpiece when tinfoil and a few rakes would have done the job.

Take notes for next time, Céline.

I feel like fashion deserved this one.

All due respect to Bella Hadid, but what on Earth is that hat? Emi had the right energy when he chose to stack a ton of folded sweaters on his head.

Eat your heart out.

RIP to Lady Gaga's meat dress, but Emi is different.

In order to imitate model Winnie Harlow's gorgeous dress, Emi turned to some cold cut meats and what I strongly assume is maybe a hand towel?

This one took me a second.

"What's so funny about this one? Is it the towel?" - A real thing I thought before getting to the bottom of the picture.

The detail of the double lighter is absolute gold.

That's one solution.

Emi's philosophy seems to be something along the lines of, "work with what you've got."

So if you have a bunch of chocolate and some packing tape laying around, you too can dress up like Emi dressed up like Kim Kardashian.

I personally would eat the chocolate, but that's me.

This is literally the same thing.

With some of these, you can kind of jokingly say, "I see no difference."

But truly, I see no difference. Millie is just 100% wearing a comforter strapped to her with a red rope.

Halsey, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

I mean, at least she gets points for doing something creative with her eyebrows, right?

No, she doesn't, and we all know it. RIP to Emi's eyebrow hair with all that tape stuck there, though.

I'm in pain looking at this.

Elettra went for a chainmail bikini vibe.

Emi went for a "graters on nipples" vibe, which makes me want to curl up and die just a little. I hope he wore nipple pads, that's all I'm saying.

When logos are in...

...but you're still on a budget.

The only thing I wish he'd have gone for was some folded paper for the collar. But I can't be picky when the man has a coke bottle taped to his shirt.

Dripping in it.

Vegetables, but make them fashion.

You could spend a lot of money on designer goods, or you could tape a bunch of vegetables to yourself. Don't waste them, though — use them after.

This must have taken so much time.

A combination of knives and forks, sandwiches, and broken CDs helped this look come to life.

I just have one final question: where did Emi find CDs in this day and age?