21+ Ways To Use Zip Ties To Make Life Easier

Diply 12 Oct 2018

My "odds and ends" drawer contains lots of little things that come in handy for random things in life. Rubber bands, spare batteries, binder clips...all the little things you always seem to need.

I never considered zip ties to be useful for enough things to merit space in that drawer, but after researching all these hacks, I think they deserve a chance to shine.

1. First of all, use a zip tie to organize your zip ties.

Reddit | supergalactic

Stringing them together like this will keep them easy to grab when needed, and they won't wander off on their own. Sure, you sacrifice one for the good of the many, but sometimes that's for the best.

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2. Replace a broken zipper pull.

Instructables | DamianTheGreat

You could have a bag that's in perfectly fine condition save for the fact that you can't get it opened or closed easily. A zip tie will give you something to grip. If the cut end is sharp, you can smooth it with a file.

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3. Got pets or kids? Keep the ornaments on the tree.

Reddit | krose0206

Find yourself some dark green zip ties and no one will even notice them among the branches of your Christmas tree. It might be a little more work to remove them at New Years, but at least they won't all be broken by Christmas Eve.

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4. Hang a small organizer from your stroller.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Any parent will agree that the more organization and pockets, the better. Especially when you can get at things quickly. A small pocket organizer can keep bottles and sippy cups near at hand.

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5. Temporarily repair a hole in a chain link fence.

Instructables | sir woodster

I say temporary because the plastic ties will dry and crack outside in the elements, but it'll keep Fido in the yard until you've got the time and money for a proper repair.

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6. Add containers to your pegboard.

Instructables | iGreeny

No need to buy the overpriced baskets that are made to work only with one brand of pegboard system. Instead, thread a zip tie through the holes to secure small buckets or pencil cups in place.

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7. Stop a tricky curtain rod from sliding out of place.

Reddit | Redditer118

Depending on how your curtains are hung, you may find that they fall if you tug too hard. A zip tie wrapped around the end of the rod will stop it.

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8. Hang more clothes in your small closet. 

Instructables | Tcdevine

Just make a chain out of zip ties and hang it from a clothes hanger. Then you can hang other hangers from the links.

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9. Make a cable loom to keep things organized.

YouTube | ChrisFix

Cable looms keep things from tangling, but they aren't one size fits all. You can mimic the same idea with a single zip tie wrapped around the bunch with more zip ties used as spacers between each individual cable.

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10. Lock an ethernet cable into the port even though the tab has broken off.

Instructables | Ehlers_TV

The plastic tab on ethernet cables (and old phone lines) locks the cable in, which is great until it breaks off. Then the plug won't stay in at all. The lock end of a zip tie can help.

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11. Attach a power bar to an ironing board or desk. 

Art Threads | Art Threads

No need to reach behind furniture to get to the power bar. Use zip ties to attach it to your desk legs or the underside of your ironing board.

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12. Color-code cables that all look the same. 

Instructables | mikeasaurus

It's hard to write the name of a device on a skinny plastic zip tie, but if you have two of each color, that's not a problem. Attach one to the power end of the cord and the other to the end plugged into the device. You'll know at a glance which black cord belongs to what device.

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13. Use one as a simple key ring.

Reddit | arabica_coffee

This is perfect for people with only a few keys, who tend to keep them in a pocket. Unlike a regular ring, the zip tie has a smaller profile. Plus, if you have a key fob, the keys can't accidentally push the buttons.

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14. Use in place of the plastic wire for your weed wacker.

Instructables | UlrichR2

Maybe you ran out of wire right before your first open house or you just can't get to the store anytime soon — either way, a couple of zip ties will do the job.

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15. If your hat is a bit too large, tighten it with zip ties.

Reddit | waive_the_sales

It may not be the prettiest, but it'll keep your hat on your head on a windy, sunny day. Plus, you can cover them with ribbon or something if you find the hack helps a lot.

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16. Get work done in the dark by attaching your flashlight to your wrist.

Reddit | Frenchtoast

I spent a lot of my childhood holding a flashlight for my dad while he fixed things behind appliances or in the dark corners of the basement. I wish I'd thought of this trick so that he could still see, but I could keep playing video games.

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17. Secure your luggage zippers while traveling. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Whether you just don't trust the airline staff or worry about the zippers getting caught on something, a zip tie will lock things in place.

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18. Extend the life of a saggy sofa. 

Pinterest | Sara Astles

A bunch of zip ties secured between the couch springs will add more tension and help them hold things steady when the family huddles together for movie night.

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19. Forget your belt? Use a zip tie to tighten your pants.

Reddit | howarddog

Extended use of this hack would likely wear out the belt loops on your jeans, but if the alternative is having your pants fall down on the work site, I'd risk it. Just remember your belt tomorrow.

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20. Fix a loose door latch on your washing machine or dryer. 

Reddit | doctormink

The mechanical latch tells your machine that the door is closed securely and that it's safe to start throwing hot water around. But if the latch gets loose, it can't tell if the door is shut. Wedging a zip tie in there will hold it steady so that it can do its job.

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21. Snake a small drain clog before it becomes a big one.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Use a utility knife to carefully cut notches into the length of the zip tie, then wiggle it down into the drain. The notches will catch on any hair or gunk that's within reach.

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22. Prop up tall plants until they grow strong enough to support themselves.

Instructables | mikeasaurus

Loop a zip tie around a stake and the stem of your plant, but be careful not to tighten the loop too much. You want to support the plant, not strangle it.

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23. Make a simple book.

Instructables | JodyCochran

You just need a hole punch to secure pages together with zip ties, but you can go even further by adding a couple thin pieces of wood to the front and back to act as covers.

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24. Install a baby gate without damaging your stairs.

Beauty in the Ordinary | Beauty in the Ordinary

Not all staircases lend themselves to tension-locking a baby gate in place, but who wants to drill holes into their banisters? Instead, secure the gate to a pair of two-by-fours and then hold those in place with zip ties around the banisters.

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